10 Best running shoes for men 2018 with stability and cushioning

Running is one of the best exercises you can ever engage in and its benefits cannot be over-emphasized; from boosting your reserved energy and increasing your lung capacity to lowering your blood pressure and improving overall fitness and health, running has a remarkable positive effect on life and longevity. Runners however suffer from certain common injuries like sprains, strains, blisters, sore and painful feet and these are all injuries that can be prevented by a good running shoe. It doesn’t matter if you are running for pleasure, to lose weight, keep fit, or taking part in a marathon, once you make up your mind to run, you should be thinking of using the best running shoes to avoid being predisposed to these common injuries otherwise, if you use regular shoes or even those made for other outdoor and athletic activities, you may still end up with such injuries.

While you may simply get good looking running, it is extremely important to note that comfort, fit and functionality should be your priority and what works for one person may not always work for another. This is why we have spend months researching and following up on professional runners and those who are new in the game to figure out the best running shoes, what makes them preferable over hundreds of other running shoes out there. The essence is to help you chose what works best for you, providing the maximum comfort, fit, stability and cushioning.

Through this review, we have come across more running shoes for men than we could ever have thought existed. While some are produced by popular brands, other are made by lesser known companies. After our study, however, we have come up with Brooks Ghost 9 and (if you have a slightly higher budget,) Newton Gravity V as the best running shoes for men.

If none of these 2 appeal to you, we have also carefully selected these other top-notch running shoes below which stood out for us, some of which are on our feet every morning. These shoes are highly comfortable, durable, lightweight, and although the Newton Gravity is not exactly cheap, the others are not expensive, and are is worth every cent. More so, these shoes can be used for various kinds of running so long as there is running involved. Why You Should Trust Us

The problem with personal opinion is that most times it is subject to the feelings of the person giving the opinion. Now that is different with this review, as we have gone as far as taking out over 3 months to get the data for ourselves. We also considered reviews of fitness and active wear experts, and what people who have used different running shoes have said. This, therefore, is a combination of testimonies of people who have used these shoes and more, experts who know very well about running shoes, and our research into the technology used in making the shoes, the feel of the shoes, and our personal experience with running shoes so any of the shoes you decide on below is proven to provide you with the best possible running experience. Best Running Shoes for Men Our Picks

Brooks Ghost 9 is a shoe that has many things going for it. From its design to comfort and quality, the shoe is a good bet for any runner, serious or otherwise. A lot of bio-engineering has gone into this piece. The sole is quite soft while the forefoot is a bit firm to allow for easy picking of pace. Brooks Ghost 9 has engineered mesh which ensures easy stretching and breathability, as well as Omega Flex for optimal flexibility. It is well designed with full-length crash pad for good landing and easy transition.