10 Common plumbing diyer mistakes, and how to fix them! 10 steps (with pictures) how to install kitchen sink drain pipes with disposal

Saddle valves should not be installed inside wall’s. If saddle valve has to be in the wall, I strongly suggest installing an access panel to access the saddle valve, out her thing juilo neglected to mention was , upon completion of valve installation, make sure packing nut on valve stem is tightend, not too tight ,the stem won’t turn closed,tight enough you feel some friction, closing.. Reguards to cleaning sweat joint(copper)after soldering.. I carry a spray bottle of water , after heating,lightly mist your work,untell solder solidifies (hardens), then quench and wipe with a rag.. If you quench with lots of water , right after soldering , potential of the solder cracking ,leaking,. Installing new kitchen sink drain lightly mist ,tell solder solidifies changes color ..

Also acts as fire extinguisher.. Why would you show a dia letric union connected to black pipe?? Domestic water is galvinized pipe, not black pipe!!! Black pipe will rust shut , in a short time… Now I see someone going under their house and cutting there gas line and blowing up!! Or installing BLK pipe on domestic water system.. Fulio by you making this instructible ,tells me you don’t know what you are doing!! Showing wrong material , dude if you want to show diy’ers how to do plumbing show them the right way with proper material used in domestic water systems.. How to replace bathroom sink drain pipe I personally don’t like dia letric unions, I’ve seen them rust up closed ,inside 3 years of beeing installed and the rubber washer usedn the union will break ground connection I prefer using 6 inch brass nipple, here in the states minimum 4 inches of brass to connect copper to galvenized pipe.. If any grounding wires connected to any pipes removed , must be re installed with appropriate clamp .. No steel grounding clamps on copper pipe… Electrolisys is what happens when copper is connected to steel ,water moving thru the pipe is the energy causing the 2 metals to eat each other along with water quality……. Black pipe is not to be used on domestic water systems

Im a certified boiler tech. I’m familiar with closed loop systems, and the steel piping, volactic fittings , but on all closed loop systems are you aware that chemicals are added to system periodically, to prevent corrosion to the steel piping?? I’m not trying to make you look bad, or talk crap.. If your going to post ,how to diy instructables, for the whole word to see ,post using proper methods ,material and safety prosedures, and health hazards associated with the perty much all consumables ( glues,fluxes, etc)used in the plumbing trade,tell them to read all directions ,and warning lables before starting any project…Read the back lables..Some people are sensitive to chemicals , some more than others… Clogged double kitchen sink garbage disposal I don’t watch the videos attached to instructables, I didn’t watch your video.. I’d like to make couple suggestions what I think diy ers want to see, show them how to install garbage disposal , or install 2 part waste and p-trap, repair leaking shower valves, or change out pilot on a water heater or how to flush a water heater to remove sedement from tank, change out faucets , how to install a pop-up assembly …I appoligize if I came across as a bully ,but my 27 years in the plumbing trade comes out when I see improper methods,or material being used, I will let them know what they are doing wrong, to make them better.. Installing undermount kitchen sink granite countertop julio keep on doing what you’re doing.. Happy holidays..

This is such a fine, straightforward and helpful instructable that’;s it may be churlish of me to pretest against the use of ‘wanna’ for ‘want to,’ but there it is. In any event, readers should pay close attention. In step 3, note that julioc150 uses TWO wrenches to tighten. Install moen kitchen faucet video using only one often results in out-of-round thin-wall tubing. Aggressive tightening of pipe cutters probably ruins more copper tube than anything else, although the warning re overheating and not wiping excess flux are important. Another point against drano is its high cost. Mixing vinegar and baking soda will produce chlorine gas, but hardly enough to be dangerous. Still, if you’re worried–open a window! Or mix some ordinary flour with dish-washing liquid–cheapest kind–to make a thin, pourable paste. Removing a moen kitchen faucet single handle that will often unstick hair clogs. Whatever you use, give it plenty of time to work. And heed julioc150 re saddle valves. Kitchen sink price philippines so simple! So ingenious! So cheap! But they WILL fail sooner or later and, since they’re usually hidden behind drywall–that mess will be beyond horrible.