10 Things to pack for tough mudder if you’re a spectator chair 3d model sketchup

This year I ran tough mudder again and after last years post flew around the bloggersphere helping out many mudders on what to expect, I wanted to replicate it with something I felt hadn’t been done. So this year I asked my other half kristy to write a guest post giving you guys a view of the day from within her ‘spectator shoes’… if you are going to be a spectator at an obstacle race this year, but not sure what to pack. Then check this out…

Unless the person you’re going along to support is a seasoned half marathon runner, you need to come prepared with food because you could be there for a while. The first year andy did tough mudder he finished it in about 3 hours, so as you can imagine there was a lot of standing around.

There’s food in the mudder village, but if you’re standing at obstacles waiting for your mudder to come through, the last thing you want to do is miss them because you was in the burger que! 2. Charlie chaplin cell phone mystery water

This goes without saying. If you’re going to tough mudder in the summer, remember to bring lots of water to keep you hydrated- there’s not a lot of a shade out on the course. Don’t bring too much though! If you want to make the most of your spectator experience and see your mudder at as many obstacles as possible you’ll be doing lots of walking so you don’t want big bottles of water weighing you down.

It’s not called tough mudder for nothing! Even on the hottest days, you need to come prepared wearing the correct footwear because you will get muddy. I always opt for a pair of boots that I don’t mind getting covered in mud. Charlie classic snapchat wellies might be the obvious choice, but the terrain is pretty uneven so if you sometimes struggle walking in wellies I would recommend staying away from them. 4. Umbrella

As well as chief cheerleader and photographer, you have to be your mudders coach as well. Chair aerobics exercises for the elderly for mudders it’s difficult to take supplies with them around the course so make sure you’re on hand to help at each obstacle. Mini bags of sweets or liquid energy gels are great to throw to your mudder as they run past and they’ll really help to keep their energy levels and spirits up throughout the course. 7. Camera

Having a camera as a spectator is important. Office furniture manufacturers list due to the vast amounts of mud and water throughout the course, your mudder won’t be able to take a phone or camera with them around the course. Which means you become chief photo taker! It’s your job to capture the fun of the day and there’s nothing better than having handfuls of photos of your loved ones covered in mud to laugh at when you get home. 8. Picnic blanket

Sometimes you can be waiting for half hour to an hour between obstacles so if you don’t sit down your legs can become tired very quickly. A picnic blanket, ideally with a waterproof bottom will be a life saver because lets face it, no one wants a soggy bum for 3 hours. Some people like to bring camping chairs but they can become bulky and annoying to carry very quickly. A blanket you can just fold up and put in your backpack will do the job fine. 9. Powerpack

I put the ‘s’ on the end of that one because sometimes one light jacket is simply not enough- especially when it starts raining. Depending on the weather, its best to start in a light jacket and pack a slightly thicker one in your backpack. That way if it gets cold you can add another layer but if it stays dry you still have one for emergencies.

Yes, you can bring your dog with you to tough mudder making it the ultimate family day out! I’m not going to lie but I get super jealous of all the people who bring their dogs to tough mudder with them, they’re good company if you’re on your own as well. Charlie chaplin speech remix three hours of walkies? Your dog will want to come back every year, even if you don’t! What’s on your list of things to pack for tough mudder?