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December is meant for getting together with friends and family, but after that, it’s time to find the best places to visit in january so you can recoup and (if you’re from the northern hemisphere) take a break from the freezing cold weather. There are numerous places to travel in january, but in this post I’ll list the top 11 based on price and things to do. Plus, I’ll list a mix of beach destinations and winter holidays. Revolving chair parts names time to book your trip for january! 1. Argentina

Don’t miss nearby el calafate and its popular perito moreno glacier, which calves massive chunks of ice every few minutes! Although january is high season at perito moreno glacier, you can avoid the crowds by visiting before 9:30am or after 5:00pm – take the later shuttle bus, or rent a car to explore at your own pace.

El chalten is a great place to hike in argentina

While you’ll miss the grape harvesting in mendoza (it happens in february), january is still a great time to visit because the vineyards are green and the grapes are everywhere. Be prepared for hot temperatures (30°C / 80°F+), fantastic wines, great hiking around parque provincial aconcagua (2 hours from mendoza), picturesque parks and plazas, and some awesome restaurants. Cherished companions home care there are many things to do in mendoza to keep you busy.

This tear drop shaped island located off the southeast coast of india is often overlooked by travellers. If you’re searching for the best places to visit in january that offer national parks, wildlife spotting, pristine beaches, fantastic cuisine, ancient sites and friendly locals, then make sure you add sri lanka to your holiday list. As a bonus, this country is very affordable.

Since the average temperature in january is around 30°C (86°F), you’ll want to hit up the coast! Don’t miss the stunning unawatuna beach, with its calm water and numerous accommodation options. Chair dancing just 15 minutes away, the nearby fortified town of galle is an amazing spot to sit and watch sunset from the UNESCO listed fort walls. Sri lanka may be small, but it has a lot to offer travellers

If it’s cities and towns you’re after in january, places like mexico city and san cristobal de las casas will be quite chilly. Chair yoga stretches but, you can enjoy all of the things to do in oaxaca city, including a visit to the impressive monte alban ruins, or check out the colourful towns of san miguel de allende and guanajuato, both of which have comfortable temperatures at around 21°C (70°F).

If you’re looking to laze on the best beaches in greece, with cocktail in hand, january isn’t the time to do so. But, if you’re interested in having the awe-inspiring historical sites to yourself, enjoying the local vibe in athens, wandering around popular islands without the hordes, and doing some skiing, then january is a great month to visit.

You’ve probably heard of the great migration which is when millions of wildebeest cross tanzania and kenya each year in search of greener pastures and drinking water. Chair height in january, you’ll spot the wildebeest in the southern serengeti during calving season. Expect to see lots of baby wildebeest, numerous animals grazing on the greenery, and predators lurking in the bushes…

Zanzibar is a premier scuba diving destination. This island off the coast of tanzania offers large marine life (sharks, whale sharks, turtles, dolphins, rays), excellent coral, shipwrecks and macro sightings as well. Chair king but, it’s not just about the scuba diving. Zanzibar island offers stunning white sand beaches and the historical stone town – with arabic architecture, delicious cuisine and narrow alleyways for exploring. Beautiful architecture in stone town

Every year from december to february, the northern chinese city of harbin has the most incredible ice sculpture festival. When we were teaching english in china, one of our friends was from harbin and she said we must travel north to her home city and experience it. Chair design woodworking sadly, we didn’t have a chance, but after researching and seeing photos online, I wish we had.

Check out the jam cruise, a popular music festival aboard a cruise ship! Cruise from miami to belize, to mexico and back to miami, all while listening to an incredible line up of musicians. For some land based festivals, check out the south beach jazz festival, art deco weekend and the international chocolate festival. Plus, if you’re into basketball, check out a miami heat game.

The pacific coast and central valley of costa rica is dry in january, while the caribbean coast is still wet during this month. It’s best to keep your travels to the west and central part of the country in january. It’s the high season, which means that prices won’t be low, but you’re basically guaranteed great weather. Book early to get better prices, and try to book your trip for after the first week of january. Sunsets in costa rica are pretty epic