12 Things to know for bend brewfest 2018 – visit bend

During Bend Brewfest, think of your mug as your personal holy grail. It’s good for all three days of the festival, which is slated for August 16-18 for 2018. That means you can take your time sampling sours on Thursday, IPAs on Friday, and porters on Saturday (just as an example…there are lots more styles to choose from!) You can purchase individual beer tokens to keep the suds flowing.

Can’t find a sitter? Believe it or not, Bend Brewfest is kid-friendly (at least before 5 p.m.) While I personally prefer to leave the young’uns at home and enjoy the event as a grownup, plenty of folks enjoy taking in the scene with their well-behaved offspring in tow. Just don’t let them zip around like crazed maniacs knocking beer out of strangers’ hands, and don’t get so blitzed that you abandon the stroller beside a porta-potty.

This year, Brewfest partnered with beer-rating app Untappd so guests can search and sort beers by rating, location, style, or even by beers their friends have tried. While I’m a huge fan of taking a highlighter to the print guide to mark my picks old-school style, having the beers on Untappd will make the festival even easier to navigate for peeps who love managing things from their phones. Here’s where you’ll find Brewfest on Untappd. Water’s good for more than paddling

With more than 70 breweries, cideries, and wineries attending the 2018 Bend Brewfest, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to taste everything. Make a note of your top choices, including the dates and times of anything on X-Tap that tickles your fancy. Then consult the map so you know exactly where to find them. Consult the official Brewfest guide or the Untappd app so you know which beers to head for first.

The weather is expected to be hot for the 2018 Bend Brewfest, but temps drop fast at night. Wear short sleeves and shorts/skirt, but bring a sweatshirt for evening. Stick with sandals or sneakers, ladies—this is not the event to bust out those five-inch stilettos. You’ll be on your feet for hours walking on grass that’s damp with spilled beer, so choose your footwear wisely.

Don’t forget to wear something with pockets or carry a small, casual purse to hold those beer tokens. I have a special cross-body bag I got at Clementine Urban Mercantile that’s the perfect size to hold my Hydro Flask, cash, ID, beer tokens, phone, glasses, lip balm, and a light sweatshirt. If you don’t have something similar, hit Clementine or their sister store in the Old Mill District, Hello Sunshine, to find your own. A purse makes an awesome Bend souvenir, plus it’s handy for future events! Bring cash

This year you can get out of the sun and mellow out for a bit in Bend Brewfest’s 30-foot-by-30-foot Chill Tent. It features fans, misters, and comfy Adirondack chairs, and makes the perfect place to rest and recharge. The Chill Tent will also have large poster-sized prints of the X-Tap schedule, all of the Brewfest beers sorted by style, and a list of the daily activities at this year’s festival. Don’t forget the schwag

Want a little something (besides a hangover) to remember your Bend Brewfest experience? Browse the artisan tents to find a perfect souvenir. This year you’ll find awesome body art, badass kilts, hop-inspired jewelry, and more, plus plenty of Brewfest logo gear like T-shirts and sweatshirts. Check out a full lineup of artisan vendors here. They’re serious about last call