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Citrix’s sharefile is an all-in-one secure and streamlined file transfer application that is suitable for businesses of any size and in any industry. Our review team was impressed with its main features, quality of customer support and other elements, and gave it high marks. The vendor offers a convenient free trial that lets you try out the product free of cost.

ShareFile is more than a simple file sharing service. The app is popular for its robust third party integrations and flexibility. Data sharing is secure as the platform uses a range of sophisticated measures including SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption, granular permissions, and multi-level access authentication to ensure your corporate data is safe from hackers. You can internally monitor your document archive and keep it secure with password protection.

The extended customization enables you to personally manage security settings and access.

Finally, sharefile offers reliable and prompt customer support by using a knowledgeable and friendly tech team, that will help to resolve all your issues and offers solutions to even complex queries. The team provides a welcome demo for every new user, and is always available to help you out if you find the interface less intuitive than anticipated. For more details, read our complete sharefile review. 2. Dropbox business

You can use the service to securely share and sync your files, and collaborate with your team members. Users get lots of space to store their files, advanced security features, and reliable live support. The product integrates seamlessly with a range of business systems which allows you to maintain complete control over company info and user activity. For these reasons, dropbox business is used by more than 150,000 companies including top brands like national geographic, new corp, hyatt, macmillan, and yahoo. Read our full review of dropbox business for more information. 3. Hp deskjet f4280 printer installer free download google drive

Why is google drive in our list of top file sharing software systems? One of the reasons is it monitors the changes you made in the past 30 days, enabling you to go back and redo/undo the changes. The platform relies on google search and uses popular google features such as image recognition to browse your photos, and OCR capabilities to discover text in pictures. Read our detailed review of google drive for more information. 4. Egnyte

Egnyte is a recognized service that enables fast, secure, and reliable file sharing that meets the requirements of many top companies around the world. Odesk worker the vendor offers a range of useful features and flexible pricing packages that can be used by enterprises to boost their collaboration and store and share their corporate data safely in the cloud.

Egnyte allows users to access data from anywhere as it can function smoothly on all widely used devices. It integrates smoothly with a range of business systems to enable users to easily extract as well as export data. The interface is user-friendly and you can choose between on-premise deployment or saas, depending on your requirements. For more details, read our comprehensive egnyte review. 5. Box

You can use box to easily create, edit, and review documents with other users in real-time or on the go. The vendor uses protection measures like customer-managed encryption, activity logs, granular permissions, and mobile security to provide good security for the stored files. Plus, the service enables you to comply with e-discovery requests, data retention policies, and regulatory policies. It also enables global compliance by assisting your organization to meet regulatory and business requirements. Read our complete box review for more details. 6. SharePoint

SharePoint enables browser-based document management and collaboration to streamline access to relevant data. The platform can also be used as an information portal that can be configured to operate high-quality internet websites. It was originally launched in 2013 to serve office 365’s distribution purposes, but has developed as a role model cloud software that is used by many third party vendors. For more information on sharepoint, read our detailed review. 7. Apple icloud

Apple icloud is a cloud-based file-syncing and storage solution that enables users to store files in the cloud. The stored files are automatically synced to all devices in the account including both windows and mac pcs. The service comes with offerings such as the icloud photo library and icloud drive, where you can keep all your files stored securely and updated everywhere. The family sharing feature lets you easily share photos, movies, music and more with your family members. Another great feature is find my iphone which helps you find your apple device if you lose it.

Apple icloud allows you to make folders for your files and provides online storage for apple’s productivity apps such as keynote, numbers, and pages. Setup is easy on all devices including PC, mac, ipod touch, iphone, and ipad. If you have bought a new apple device, you can use the setup assistant for guidance. And for other devices, getting started only needs a few quick steps. Read our comprehensive apple icloud review for more information. 8. Hp deskjet 1000 printer not printing dropbox

Dropbox uses off-site servers for file storage and sharing. The solution allows you to automatically sync your files online and across the devices you use. Files can be managed as you do on your desktop. The software allows you to access your files on secure servers from multiple devices such as desktop, mac, iphone, android, and windows phone. More than 500 million users around the world have signed up to use dropbox’s services. For more information about this service you can read our complete review of dropbox. 9. SugarSync

SugarSync makes it easy for users to sync and share only a few folders or entire libraries across multiple devices. The folders and files are backed up in real time, enabling all devices linked to the account to show recent changes and updates. The service is compatible with multiple computing systems including mac, PC, ios, and android devices. You can start working on a document on your office computer and finish it at home on your ipad. For more information on sugarsync, read our full review. 10. OneDrive for business

OneDrive for business is an important component of the office 365 or sharepoint server. It offers a secure cloud-based hub where users can store, sync, and share their business documents, materials, and other files. Desktop wallpaper organizer the service is cloud based which gives users great flexibility and mobility to enable them to work, update, and collaborate anywhere, anytime.

OneDrive for business protects stored files and documents with industry-grade security protocols, and gives management full control over authorizations and permissions as to how much storage space can be allotted to each user, who can view the files, and who they can share their files with. Additionally, onedrive for business is well integrated and flexibly priced, and the fee you need to pay depends on the features you want to use, and the scale of your business. Read our full review of onedrive for business for more info. 11. WeTransfer

WeTransfer plus allows transfer of large photo collections, full HD videos and other big files. Users can transfer the whole 20 GB in one go, and keep their documents available for as long as they want. The plus package also allows customization and you can present downloads with custom urls and backgrounds. Another great feature is you can add up to three backgrounds and customize your emails as per your needs. For more details, read our complete wetransfer review. 12. LeapFile

LeapFile is a sophisticated and secure file transfer service that removes common sharing issues such as IT overhead, size limitations, and compromised security. LeapFile is a locally installed app that utilizes plugins to connect to your other apps and extract information. It shares them easily with a single right-click function and drag-and-drop feature. You can also use it as a web client without needing to download anything.

A great reason to select leapfile is the moderate and affordable pricing that can suit the budgets of even startups and small businesses. Plus, the service integrates smoothly with popular file exchange apps including groupwise, thunderbird, outlook, and microsoft office. All integrations function smoothly and you don’t need constant updates to deal with the latest versions of these applications. However, keep in mind that you need to download a specific plugin to use them. Read our comprehensive leapfile review for more info. 13. Syncplicity

SpringCM is an app that companies can use to efficiently manage documents, contracts and other types of content. The software offers powerful workflow, and mobile and security features that eliminate time-consuming manual steps, and enable important business processes to become more streamlined and faster. Its key features include desktop sync with improved security, electronic signature, email, fax, advanced workflow, version control, annotation, and document storage and sharing.

SpringCM offers a quality cloud service that businesses can use for better document management and collaboration, which then results in the automation of many workflow processes. This helps companies to save resources and time. The software enables users to deal with document management issues involved in detailed custom processes such as purchase requisitions and approvals, invoice payments, contract documents and approvals, and others. Read our complete review of springcm for more details. 15. Odesk test answers 2015 pdf huddle

Huddle is a robust system that integrates file sharing, project management, and collaboration in a single comprehensive suite. The service provides companies a web-based location where their employees can collaborate on projects, interact with each other, and discuss ideas. Its main features such as discussions, meetings, and whiteboards make it simple for users to organize and share files, assign tasks and more.