2 New novichok poisonings

The last I’ve heard from the Police is that they now believe there were two teams involved in the assassination attempt on the Skripals, one team that came and planted the poison and the second that actually did the deed. There was a hint that the poison Charley Rowley found was in unopened packaging which would imply the first team planted at least two containers of poison and maybe more which is I think a concern at present. There was also a suggestion that Rowley can’t remember where he actually found the package. I understand it’s not uncommon for people who’ve had any sort of serious traumatic shock to have some memory loss, especially of the time around the shock.

If the container was not the one used in the Skripals’ poisoning there won’t be DNA evidence linking to that murder, probably, so it’s not the breakthrough I’d hoped it might be.

If they can find the packaging that might yield some clues to the first team who planted the poison and who could I would guess be charged as accessories to murder.

Although it’s gone quiet in public the Authorities have chucked the kitchen sink at this one as far as I can tell. I doubt we’ll ever be able to put the suspects in court because I doubt we’ll ever get our hands on them – they’ve probably been awarded medals. But I have been quite impressed with the work the Police have done especially with the video analysis that has given us some real suspects.

I’m no friend of the Tories but it was the Leave campaign and campaigners that were mostly referred to in the article. The possible hint was that Skripal Snr was investigating links between the Kremlin and the Leave Campaign and is therefore another possible motive for Putin to have him killed (if they knew and it’s potentially worrying if they did). The writer rather glosses over that in his eagerness to get to the possible links with the Panama Papers.

We’ve got whistleblowers from Cambridge Analytica talking about illegal data harvesting and money. The article is very, very clear about the links between vote leave and CA and vote leave and the Russians. I’m not sure of the date of the article (other than it is after March this year) and therefore what the writer may or may not have known when writing. The Panama papers are a separate scandal which might involve some of the same people and therefore pull the two scandals together. But at present we have no evidence. We can see from the splits in the Tories that Grieve and Soubry for example would never have gone along with anything Brexit related and therefore if there is a plot it involves only a clique in the Tories – the brexiters, who are also the far right.

It is however much better evidence than anything RT says. And I should remind you that as a brexiter you are also acting for Putin, there’s no doubt he wants Brexit and at least tried to influence the result of the referendum. The only disagreement is over the extent he succeeded. If it were to turn out that Johnson was also acting for Putin in the Panama Papers case that just makes him a much more important agent than you.