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When I started giving gift baskets, I purchased an enormous roll of cellophane wrap from amazon to wrap the baskets in. I can then just tie off the tops with ribbon. The cellophane was a great investment for me and considering how much I’ve used it and how much I have left, I suspect that this will last until I’m 50.

You can get your very own giant roll of cellophane from Amazon here.

Always include a letter or a note with your basket. We have few opportunities in life to tell someone what they mean to us. About 20 times a day I look at someone or talk to someone and think about how much I adore that person’s personality or how much I admire a particular trait of theirs. If we just took that rare opportunity to let them know, it would encourage them to keep being awesome. GIFT BASKET IDEAS: 1. Travel gift basket idea.

Fill a basket with your local favorite products. For us, It’s Virginia Diner peanut selections, Dominion root beer, locally made honey, organic soap, Edwards or Smithfield hams, Route 11 potato chips, or even a dogwood tree ( Dogwood seeds are a super cheap way to give a dogwood tree) if the recipient has a green thumb! 3. Welcome baby gift basket idea:

If you have the option of delivering something cold, whip up an instant freezer casserole. Try this one for Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole by clicking here. Other good options for this are food, snacks, sleep masks, and accessories to help with breastfeeding like cooling pads, nipple pads etc (make sure Mom’s breastfeeding first, you wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings with a gift).

If there is a particular movie that you shared in the past, grab that one. I have tons of movie associations! Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my sister, Angus and Clueless with my Dad (he’s clearly an awesome guy), The Cutting Edge and Dirty Dancing with my Mom, The Notebook with my friend Blake, (who is quite possibly the only man who loves the Notebook more than any girl), and Tin Cup and Finding Nemo with Jon.

Pair it with a recipe and all of the non-perishable ingredients for the recipe. Obviously, popcorn is a must here. If you’re putting together a few gift basket ideas at a time, I buy the really fancy glass bottles of specialty root beer and separate them into gift baskets, so out of a 6 pack, you can do 3 baskets. 5. Pasta night gift basket idea:

Things like candy and non-perishable foods are great but think beyond the obvious. For someone my age (34), a few good choices are hackey sacks, Rubik’s cube, Garbage Pail Kids collectible cards, etc. Jon found out that I still have The Baby Sitters Club books hidden in my room , and got me “ The complete guide to the Babysitters Club“. That was more romantic to me than any other gift I’ve ever gotten in my life. A few more ideas are Pogo Sticks, Slip-n-Slides, and Ring Pops. 12. Road trip gift basket idea.

Fill a sewing basket with needles, patches, threads of different colors, a pin cushion, pins, a fabric marker with disappearing ink, a wire threader, an assortment of basic buttons, and and a wrist wrap with a pin pad on it. If they have a sewing machine or they are an avid sewer… you can add some more advanced things. 20. Scrapbooking gift basket idea: