2013 Nissan sentra revving and jerking 29 complaints

and that they had simular issue in the Altima and they redesigned the cvt valve body to correct the issue in that car, but no redesign was made for the 13-14 sentra, and 15-18 got gen 2 xtronic cvt with updated cvt valve body… awaiting word on what they are going to do…but sounds like nissan is going to say, the cvt is working as designed, not that its working correctly…but will see in a few days!

Update from Jan 15, 2018 : Car returned today from Service.. Dealership service explains they drove car 300 miles.. and it was not bad, only moderate jerking and slipping, and they think its the Transmission Control module causing the problem, but while they drove, they atempted to record data to determine failure… nothing was recorded out of the normal …

and then stated on warranty paperwork, Problem cold not be duplicated, Nissan Case Manager calls also, says Dealership could not recreate problem, I play Audio recording of Service advisor stating they DID recreate the problem, and dont know how to fix, Nissan repeats herself saying it dont matter, Its stated on paperwork they could not recreate problem, and they are done with any warranty work

I have all paperwork, Many Video recordings of orginal transmission jerking/slipping, with mileage on video, then when reman transmission was installed by nissan, Video shows same slippage/jerking , returned to Service with Videos, Service preforms additional warranty work of updating the transmission control mondule, I pick car up again, Make it 65 miles from dealer… and transmission slipping/jerking once again… I do many videos to back prove issue still exists, return to nissan… and now Dealer/nissan claims are saying its not happening… so opening up a claim ony with nissan ony got the two on the same page, Nissan will not warranty the issue because the dealer can’t create or duplicate… But I have proof that they actually did recreate by recording the service manager explain what they did, results, and now I am on barrowed time, Nissan is waiting me out for the warranty to expire, I will be doing more videos and documenting …..I feel like big nissan has showed they will do what they want, and not back up the warranty by having the service write it up as no problem found or "seems normal to us"

I purchased my vehicle brand new off the lot in 2013. I just paid it off about 3 months ago, which made me very happy. Now to be slapped in the face that the transmission is going to have to be replaced and will cost me another $3700 pisses me off. I hit my 83000 mile mark about the beginning of August 2017 and all of a sudden my car began to jerk as I am driving along of 30 miles per hour, it sometimes will not take off after making a complete stop, or will sometimes not shift to the next gear. I have to stop, place in park, and then back in drive for the vehicle to shift gears. I am just so out done with this issue. It seems these new transmissions are more costly to the client then to the dealer. Just another way to get money. I have always thought of Nissan as a high quality product and have purchased several over the years. Majority of my vehicles are still on the road , the oldest being a 95 Nissan Sentra, with over 200k miles. Now, go with this one with the new CVT transmission ain’t worth the money I have spent. I hope that Nissan will consider this to be a defect and make this a recall. Too many issues from different people not to. From my understanding this CVT caused them to warranty the older models because of the same issue, but they did not offer the same on the 2013, I guess thinking all the kinks were out. Well, they are not.

It used to happen every once in a while, now it occurs every morning. For the first 3 starts off a stop sign every morning, you will hear the car rev up, feel it shudder and you can tell the transmission belt slips and grabs repeatedly until it finally grabs hold, revs then come down and the car starts moving again. Now it even does it in SPORT mode, when it would not do it before in this mode. Also whenever I am coasting along and need to accelerate the transmission will skip and jump repeatedly making the car shudder, it doesn’t matter if the car is warm or not if I try to accelerate after coasting for a bit. The car is at the dealership now getting diagnosed. I had to pay $120 dollars for the privilege of having Nissan diagnose their crappy transmission that they already know has had issues for years so for know they’re making me do the tap dance, but at least now it is documented in their system. There is no reason for a car with 30,000 miles to be doing this. I drove another brand’s CVT powered car for two years and that was the peppiest, most responsive car I’ve ever owned, no issues whatsoever. This car is a slug, the tranny can barely keep up with it. They keep making the cars bigger and heavier but insist on powering them with go cart equipment.

On August 25, 2016, with 76K miles, I put the car into drive and at about 10 mph it started bucking and jerking. I turned off the AC, lights, radio, Bluetooth and the car. Waited a few minutes, and drove it with no issues. On Saturday, August 27th I called a local Nissan dealer and brought it in. They had it all day. They thought it was the ECM, but wanted to be sure and asked to keep it through Monday, August 29, 2016, so they could drive it a few times and continue diagnostics. On Monday, August 29 (today) I received a call that it needs a new transmission. I am beside myself. Car is worth $5,600-7,200 on a trade, I owe $9,400, and I’m supposed to put out $3,800 for a transmission? My last Nissan went for 240k miles, and I got $4k cash when I sold it!

I have read hundreds of complaints for this issue. I’m convinced that this is a manufacturer defect that is bound to happen, no matter how well you maintain the car. Nissan should suck it up and address the problem. I’ve notified Nissan and safercar.gov with this complaint as well. If it wasn’t for being in the middle of a mortgage process, I’d let Nissan Motor Credit repossess it. Perhaps I should surrender it? Suggestions and thoughts are appreciated.