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As Bill Nelson Lags, The New York Times Turns into His PR Firm Sunshine State News Florida Political News

How do we know? Because the biggest newspaper in the country felt the need to step in and “introduce” to his constituents this politician — who is in his fifth decade of service. It doesn’t take a poli-sci Master’s degree

Careers WCEC – West Central Environmental Consultants, Inc.

WCEC’s staff of more than 70 members represents a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. A WCEC career offers the opportunity to collaborate with these exceptional professionals on delivering the Best Total Solutions to our clients’ environmental issues. In


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Arrieta Shotguns – Gun not for Sale – A Shotgun Legacy Story

I cannot recollect where I was at the time my father asked me to choose which double barrel shotgun I would like to inherit. I was only ten or eleven, and truthfully the two guns looked the same, but I

Sickle cell retinopathy – eyewiki

Sickle cell retinopathy is an ocular manifestation of the spectrum of sickle cell disease, an inherited group of hemoglobinopathies with numerous systemic and ocular presentations. Hemoglobin is an iron containing protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen. It consists

The best 0% balance transfer credit cards

Those who live under a mountain of credit card debt quickly realize that their suffering has two components. First there is the principal, the actual amount of goods and services that was charged to their credit card. Secondly, there are

Archives CNPS-SLO

Description: Coon Creek – two years after the burn, Montaña de Oro SP, a four-mile walk with a 500 ft. elevation gain. Explore how quickly the California landscape regenerates itself, even during periods of low rainfall. Come and help identify

Jam session role of libraries – news – wicked local plymouth – plymouth, ma

It’s a very interesting question. I grew up with libraries and for years used them in researching things I was writing about (I’m a long-time freelance writer). But since the Web was born 25 years ago, I can find anything

GPK for Vintage n j w v

It was fun to watch a lot of the “OMG that brings back memories” responses. A lot of the collectors are my age as well and very clearly remember doing this. It’ll be fun to see how these peeled-off cards

1988 Mazda rx-7 turbo ii – hert so good

In ’11, Hert scooped up his current FC through a friend of his, one that he calls the "cleanest, bone stock-looking, cookie cutter RX-7," except it had a 700hp LS motor under the hood. Compared to his first FC, it

Animal Crossing – The Cutting Room Floor

These games can only be obtained by hacking them into the player’s inventory (particularly for European versions, where none of these were ever made available legitimately), as trying to unlock them with a trade code generator will not work. Interestingly,

Angelica blick

This evening was just so amazing! After doing our own pasta three little boats came and picked us up here and then drove us around a bit so we could have a better view over Lake Como. Breathtakingly beautiful! I

Andrew Mitchell Why we now need a full inquiry into UK involvement in torture Conservative Home

As a member of the Conservative shadow cabinet when the last Labour Government was in power, I watched as the UK was mixed up in a host of Bush Administration abuses – abuses like the torture and rendition of Abdul Hakim

And Still We Rise Interviews With 50 Black Role Models – Alex Haley

She worked in Bexley as a maid earning $8 a day plus car fare. The unwritten law banned blacks from living in the area. It was in that area that we were now being toasted. Together we marveled at the