21 Interior design mistakes you need to stop making laurel home

We took a regular piece of graph paper and drew to scale everything!!! Outlets, windows etc. Then we figured out how much wood floor we wanted to have showing around the edges….we had an antique desk and an antique drop leaf table. That number turned out to be 24″. We measured what size sofas would work and also knew we wanted 2 club style chairs.

Also used 2 brass floor lamps, in addition to table lamps. The room is 19’x19′ by 19′ high. Fortunately my husband has gorgeous collection of American Impressionists and New Hope Artists. We decided which paintings would go onto the walls in this room first and pulled out an apple green color to use as accents.. gray sofas, cream chairs, large nubby texture rug, several green plants….it is a cozy room, with dark gray drapes, light gray walls.

So guess what???? Everyone who builds that model does the same thing!!! It just doesn’t make sense as one of your pictures showed that very same issue. Okay, I just wanted to say, take your time when making purchases. We found that people in furniture stores really just want to sell you something and it may not look right in the room! OR, the one I cannot take is:EVERYONE is buying a sectional for large rooms!!! A quick suggestion…our chairs swivel which is great for TV….everyone loves to sit in one! Thank you!! Reply Cancel

Great post Laurel. I would add that for all the folks on very limited budgets, and there are many, remember you dont have to do everything at once. You can hire a decorator to get advice for something that you plan to do immediately like painting a room or two, but get advice for future work, like renovating a kitchen while you have them. This gives you something to work toward with a general idea of how much money you may need to save to make the changes.

I have a tip for an inexpensive solution for artwork. I find many of my clients have their artworks in unsuitable frames: too small for the art; too garish; colour competes with the art……you get the idea. We all know how expensive framing can be. I usually get them to haul out all of their artworks, and any extra frames they might have (you’d be surprised at how many extra frames people have). Then I take the best artworks. If the frames are the right size, and a nice shape but hideous colour, I just take the works apart and paint the frames and remat the works if they need it. Sometimes I can take one of the spare frames that might look decent and paint it and remat one of the artworks that’s in an inappropriate frame to go into it.. I’ve repainted dingy coloured but beautiful wood frames that surround lovely oil paintings. Its an inexpensive solution. I know not everyone can do this, but for the folks who are on tight budgets, you can often find an artist who independently frames their works who would be willing to help with this or you can paint the frames yourself and hire a framer to cut new mats.

Lovely post… I am stuck on my kitchen lighting. I have a good size kitchen but it has a big fir beam running across the middle where the island goes so i dont think i can even pull off a pendant or sparkly chandelier…the beam also will be centered over where the stove is so am having a hood built that will similar to DeVol ones or Patina Farm. (Surely there is aname for that type of hood that looks like an old hearth?) Planning on doing sconces since not doing uppers. But the ceiling is one of those the starts at 9 feet and goes to 15 so I could do hanging lights on either side of the beam, I just don’t want too much visual craziness. I am sure I will figure it out.

By the way, big thank you to pointing me back to the post on white floors after drooling over Bland’s floor. I found 12 inch wide plank flooring that I can either either bleach or whitewash or paint white. Happy happy girl. And the price is reasonable enough that if my original fir floors are horrible then I won’t be terribly bummed. Actually I may end up with planks because omg they are sooo beautiful! Reply Cancel