23 July 2018 bits and pieces

Like the regular sanitary napkin, you may use it everyday or during your period. S nap it at the external side of the undies to hold the pads in place. Just be careful with snapping and unsnapping, i think this may get loose from wear and tear overtime. This is also how you tuck them in while you are not using it or if you are bringing it outside.

Honestly, when i saw a post about this in Facebook two years ago, I thought it was “unhygienic”. But since then, my “Environmental Conscience ” got awakened again, and I now have means to pursue #Zerowaste, or at least be committed to go for #LessWaste or #LessImpact, making me switch to reusables instead of disposables. I have found usual ways to make these reusable pads hygienic to use. Thanks to my sissies in buhay zero waste fb group for the tips.

Thanks also to Ms.Rowie who is very accommodating of my questions and concerns.

These pads are actually kept like these. So whenever I go out, I bring 2-4pieces of this with me. It actually looks thicker than the usual pad. “ Rinse now then wash later “if outside is what they usually say. But for busy bees like me, I don’t have much time so I snap and store it in a WETBAG first then wash it when you get home. Now, you heard wetbag. It is not really something grand that you actually need to buy. Remember to look first for something available then you may upscale or repurpose previous packaging of goods,like mine). Anything that has a plastic lining that is wet-proof and reusable is a good catch.

Where to buy: There are now plenty of online shops selling this. I compared the lengths and the prices until I landed at JC shoppe page.That’s where I bought mine.Thanks to Ms.Rowie who answered my queries like a big sis… With regards to leakage, just like any other usual commercial pad, is still an issue depending on how heavy your menstruation is. That’s why you really have to pick and bring the right kind/thickness of pad for certain days. Change the pad as needed. If you cannot usually check, you may opt to where overnight pads. But it is still recommendable to change every 2 to 4 hours even if the pad is not saturated to prevent bacterial overgrowth.

The pads also have snaps underneath, making their placement stable and secure. It won’t swivel around, causing leakage on the sides of the underwear. My mom told me that the snaps may be uncomfortable at the crotch area, but believe me I barely noticed it when I wore it. When i wore the cloth pads, it’s just so comfortable that I even forget that I’m wearing one. When I was still using the disposable pads, I usually got rashes at the end of my week. It feels so hot and irritating on the crotch area. It made me hate menstruation a lot more than i should. From reading several forums and articles, I found out that commercial napkins have various chemicals. so if you could imagine them having hours of contact with your skin, then probably that’s what caused the irritation in the first place.

It was during my clerkship, I was the JIOD (Junior Intern on Duty) for a 24 hour-shift duty when the Red Alert suddenly came. I am wearing white, and being the JIOD means I have a lot more “Rounds” to do than not being JIOD. It was kind of unexpected because my cycles have been irregular in the past 3 months. I have brought one cloth pad liner with me and that’s what I used first. To feel secured, I also bought 1 regular menstrual pad and an underwear. (You may opt to bring a lot for your first try). Since I was new to this, I can say that I was wrong to first use the liner, knowing that it was my 1st day. Yes I got leaks on my back. The leaks are not blotchy red but instead, appeared like i sat on a dirty wooden log with fresh varnish. After that, I still used the other regular cloth pad. And ask my friend if she had an extra.