30 Best Car Air Fresheners (2018) to make your Car Smell Awesome

Air Wick brings long lasting air freshener for your car( or home). The long lasting product works up to 60 days or 2400 sprays. You can set at three intensity levels of the automatic spray as per need. The product is available in an immense number of fragrances, you name it and you will find it. These fill your car with the pleasant and soothing smell.

Based on gel type freshener and purifier, TreeFrog natural air fresher smells like citrus lime fruits. It’s a Japanese product and last as long as 60 days. Just place below the car seat and it starts doing it’s chores. A cool fragrant that makes your can feel fresh and lively with calming mild smell. Remove any bad odors from your car with this simple and effective freshener.

A similar product as that of PURGGO.

Moso is basically named after Moso bamboo found in China. It is made from the charcoal out of the Moso bamboo. It comes packed in a pretty and cute fabric sack. Smaller in size it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. It lasts for more than a year making it one of long lasting car air freshener that is a great one-time investment. The activated charcoal is very fast in absorbing various pollutant particles, odor, and allergens. It recharges naturally, just put it sunlight for an hour, once in a month and it’s all ready to be used again.

Simple to use. You just need to insert the cartridge into the device and it is ready to use. One cartridge lasts for a month. You can place the freshener anywhere you like, no need to place on the dashboard or to any other place you don’t like, put it where you like. It smells fresh like citrus lime squash that smells mild and kills bacteria and germs in the air. The device is easy to refill , just chance the cartridge.

Compact and small air purifying ionization device from Tupelo is a must have gadget for every car. It eliminates unwanted smell, dust and pollen from your vehicle by modern air ionization technique. Running on 12V input it fits well in the cigarette port or you can also use it indoors at the home as it comes with an adapter. A great health product in case you suffer from any respiratory problems.

Just plug it into the 12 V supply and forget. It starts doing its purification work very stealthily and steadily. The ionizer comes with an adapter so that it can be used in your home also. Breathe fresh, and breathe pure with this ready to use device. A greater saver if you suffer from any kind of breathing problem. Never feel sleepy or tired while driving.

One of the oldest player in the field of car fresheners that still finds its name in every list that concerns with car fresheners. It’s long lasting effect remains for around half of the month. Available in an abundant number of flavors, you can choose from more than 40 aromas. Cheaper in cost, simple and easy to use. Whatever is your favorite flavor Chocolate, Vanilla, Black Ice, Royal Pine or clove or any other you can have it in your car.

This car air purifier works on the latest ionization technology that removes odors and bacteria by ionization of air particles. It can remove any kind of odor. Not just it removes odors, but disinfects air, making it suitable for breathing. You should have this in your car especially if you have any kind of respiratory problem like sinus or asthma. Compact and small in size it easily fits in the cigarette port of your car.

A new and innovative product from NexGadget. It’s a combo product that contains freshener, humidifier, and air purifier. A great solution to your respiratory related health problem. The device is chargeable( by USB cord and solar energy). Simple in operation, there are three buttons on it, power, humidification and negative ionization. There is also a UV lamp to kill bacteria and pathogens. The device successfully removes any hint of bad odors from your car, making it smell good. Its humidification function is also very helpful to maintain a standard condition inside your car. Running on 1500 mAh high rating battery, it lasts for long.

Everyone loves the smell inside a newly brought car, fresh and free from any odor. This freshener does exactly the same to your old car that smells not that good. It kills all the bad odor inside your car and makes it smell like new one. The freshener comes in a concentrated form that you can dilute up to 2 gallons quantity as per the strength of smell you want to have. Once settled, it’s effect lasts for around a week.