32 Free job posting sites (updated august 2018)

Sites to post jobs for free include Indeed, Google for Jobs, Facebook, Twitter, Flexjobs, Upwork, Learn4Good, Glassdoor, and JobInventory.com. Also check with state and local governments and local schools to see if they have sites or pages to post jobs free. We often get asked "Where can I post a job for free?" and the answer really depends on your location and the role you are hiring for so make sure to do your research. How can I make a free posting for jobs?

If you’re wondering how to post jobs for free, try adding them to Facebook, Twitter, and other Social media, and on job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Flexjobs. If you want free posting for freelancers, try Upwork. When considering where to post jobs free don’t skip over the paid job board options.

If you have a difficult to fill role then a free job posting for employers may not be the best place to start. I heard that all the free job boards force you to pay so are not really free. Is this true?

No, you can always post your jobs for free by going to job boards like Flexjobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, Learn4Good, and local state and government boards. You can also post free on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you can configure jobs on your careers page to post to Google for Jobs and JobInventory.com for free. I am concerned we do not have enough staff but am not ready to spend big money on hiring. What should I do?

It is free to post jobs on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. There are free job boards to post on like Indeed, Upwork, Glassdoor, and Flexjobs, as well as state, local, and college jobs pages, and Google for Jobs will index and post jobs if you configure your site correctly. Free recruiting sites often have issues with candidate quality so make sure to write your ad in a way that makes it clear who you are willing to hire.

You can post job ads free with free employment sites like Indeed, as well as on state and city job boards. You can also post your ads on bulletin boards and universities, and grocery stores. Finally, try posting job ads as social posts on Facebook and Twitter. It is definitely possible for you to find employees online free. Our business is growing rapidly and we want to get ahead of our hiring requirements. What should we do?

You can post a job opening for free on a number of job boards, including Indeed, JobiSite, Google for Jobs, PostJobFree, and Flexjobs. You can also usually post job offers for free with state and locally run job boards, and with school career centers. When evaluating where to post jobs for free look for job boards that have many job posts that match the one you are hiring for. Lots of related jobs will attract lots of candidates. What are some less popular ways to advertise jobs for free?

Talk to all of your very best hires and ask them who the best people they worked with were, and where those people work now. Get in touch with their former favorite co-workers and make them offers, and you can essentially duplicate your best hires. If you do actually have money to spend on hiring then a free online job posting may not be the best place to start. Consider using a paid job board that is specifically focussed on your location or candidates and then try a job post free. What are the top free job posting sites in the USA by candidate volume?

Most of the top diversity job boards are not free as diversity is something big companies are willing to spend big money on. Indeed can work if you want to post job ads online for free, as it is a job board with an incredibly wide reach. Looking just at job posting sites for free diversity hiring is starting at the wrong end of the process. Diversity issues are often caused by harder to fix issues not just posting your jobs in the wrong places. Are free post jobs as good as paid post jobs?

Healthcare is an extremely competitive space to hire in. Much of this is being driven by recruitment and staffing agencies who are able to get huge placement fees for finding candidates in this area. You can try many of the free recruiting websites for employers we detail above but they are mostly focussed on general recruitment not specifically healthcare so results will vary. Why is craigslist not listed as a free job posting site?

craigslist have been gradually adding and increasing the fees to post jobs so is no longer considered a free job posting site in the U.S. Our new clients often ask how to post a job on craigslist for free and unfortunately, if you are a U.S. based employer there are now no longer do a free job post on craigslist. You can do an Indeed free job posting and we have found the quality and quantity of candidates to be just as good if not better than craigslist. Are all the job boards free posting options available to all employers?

Some job boards like Indeed will restrict the free job posting options to direct employers only. This means that recruiters and other third-party hirers have to pay if they want to post jobs. How they define a direct employer usually means the company that is going to pay the employee. Are free job post websites just harvesting the resumes of candidates who apply?

A free job post website still needs some way to make money or they will not survive very long. Many will offer candidates an option to be included in the resume database. This is where other employers can look if they want to proactively reach out to active or passive candidates. Indeed charges employers $1 per resume if they want to contact candidates in the resume database. What should I look out for when posting jobs free of charge?

When you post a job for free on a job board it can often cause you to put less effort into writing the job post compared to the effort you would put into an expensive paid job posting. When you post a job opening for free make sure to include all the essential aspects of the role and included detailed instructions on how to apply. I have never paid to post a job before. Why should I consider a paid job board?

The proliferation of websites that offer free ad posting for jobs has provided employers with many options to use when hiring new employees. The catch here is that there is no barrier for a company to post a job so some sites have issues with low-quality employers flooding their job boards with job ads. Free job boards are still considered to be the best way to find employees for free but we recommend testing out some paid job boards occasionally to see if you can source better candidates. Which jobs post free of charge on Indeed?

Recruitment agencies are not able to post a free job ad online with Indeed unless the company they are hiring for is clearly stated in the job post. In most cases Indeed will require you to post the job under the employers Indeed account. It seems like there are a lot of places to post my job for free. Is there a way to cover a lot of them without having to spend a lot of time posting?