46 Days, 15 campgrounds, 4,000 miles towing in a passport 195rb – keystone rv forums

We had a great time visiting lots of NP and monuments, so good we didn’t really want to end the trip from Tucson to Jasper, Alberta and back, a total of 8,000 miles driven. The trailer performed flawlessly, no issues whatsoever. Before we left Tucson, we spent a couple of hundred on new Goodyear tires, repacked the wheel bearings, brakes checked, A/C checked and went on our way.

We towed with a 2017 Tacoma TRD with tow package and an additional B&M plate type cooler and used the Torque Pro app to monitor trans and torque converter temps. Zero issues with towing keeping in mind we were not in a big hurry and didn’t try to keep up with traffic flow on long or steep climbs. Nor did we impede traffic flow or if we did on 2 lane roads, we pulled over to let others pass.

Now to the purpose of this report. We are considering going to a 25 ft B+/Class A similar to a Winnebago View or Via for really one reason only. That is we think it would be easier to drive a small B+/A than towing. The question is to you readers with opinions and experience, given how pleased we are with the 195, are we nuts in going to a motor type RV? I hope to not have to have a toad, so breaking camp to tour will be a pain. But if we need a toad, we are prepared as I globbed on to a Blue Ox tow bar at an estate sale for next to nothing and the our daily driver car is capable off being used as a toad. Going to a bigger TV is possible, but it would not fit in the garage and adding onto the garage will cost as much as a View/Via.

That said, during our "motorhome days" and during our "pickup camper days" we always either had to tow a second vehicle or break camp to go shopping. Invariably, it was just after I got the last leveling block in place that my DW would realize that we were out of milk, or bread or something "vital to the evening meal"….. That meant either breaking camp to drive to the store, doing without and being "peeved all night" or if we were lucky, paying 3 times the value of a half gallon of milk "to get by until we leave"….. Then, to add insult to injury, if you’ve ever "gone exploring during the day and left your lawn chair to mark your campsite" only to return to find 3 tents and a dozen drunken men on your site with the lawn chair laid against the site number pole….. Well, not a happy camping experience, for sure !!!

The alternative was "towing a toad"…. So, my way of thinking, my "opinion" to bring to the table is that if I’m going to sit in a seat towing all day, I really don’t want to sit in that same seat all night relaxing. And if I’m going to be towing, I’d rather have two seats to sit in rather than the same one with the inconvenience of not being able to back up thrown in for "unhappy measure"….

Let’s look at the criteria for making a change; you think the B+/A motorhome will be easier to drive than to tow the trailer. Now, IMO, and that’s all it is, a compact pickup is not a good TV…at all and therein lies your poor towing experience. Get a full size truck and your problem is solved. I tow a much larger trailer and I no longer have any issues with towing after I got a truck that was made to tow it. You said it would be expensive to add to your garage because a full size truck wouldn’t fit….what are you going to do with the Via/View?

As far as a motorhome, of any class, you will lose room if you compare the same lengths and available floorplans in my experience. The smaller motorhomes just don’t have many "roomy" options that I have found. I’ve seen some pretty nice 40’+ Class As with multiple slides that would probably compete with some of the longer trailer RVs but I don’t want to spend 400k+ to get there.

The worst part for me, and the reason I went with a trailer vs motorhome is multiple; >mode of transportation; how do I go somewhere? How do I get groceries? Without a toad you break camp as has been mentioned previously, then you have to take "it" to town and try to find a place to park and return…with all the aggravations that accompany that. >To be able to use the B+/A it would be imperative to have a toad. Now you have the cost of the motorhome and a toad. You say you can use your daily driver, but do you really want to do that? Towing you family car is putting miles on the running gear regardless. > How much are you going to use the motorhome? A month, 6 months, year round? Unless you are using it all the time you have a stranded investment in an engine and drivetrain all needing mtce. yearly, and aging, whether you use it or not. > In our researching and looking a smaller motorhome just felt more confining than a comparable trailer. That may be just us but it’s what we thought.

In the end I would think long and hard about what it is that makes you not like towing and what you think buying a motorhome is going to "fix". The normal towing problems encountered with a trailer are encountered in a motorhome. I hope some of the above will give you something to think about. When I retired I was dead set on a nice Class A. After a LOT of research, looking and trying them on for size (and thought) we went with a trailer for an RV and have never looked back or regretted it.