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Meet Breeze the smartest thing to ever happen to drinking breeze is a revolutionary breathalyzer that works with your smartphone to keep you in the know and out of trouble it’s Wireless wearable design an advanced sensor technology delivers ultra-fast accurate results simply blow into the device and in seconds breeze accurately analyzes your BAC with a breath-ometer app, breathometer also tracks your drinking trends and tells you how long until you’re completely sober or as we like to say, back to zero.

Sonic soak is a smartphone sized device that uses ultrasound technology to clean almost anything in ways never before possible, it cleans to the microscopic level beyond what any laundry machine or cleaning spray can do the inspiration for this device came from the fact that we were frequent travelers and cleaning our clothes while on the go was always a hassle, so we had to set out to find a good solution, it’s also quiet and can be used to clean more than clothes it can clean glasses jewelry, fruits, razors, baby bottles, the products that are tough to clean using sponges or rags or your hands or soap and water.

This is the best way to clean pretty much anything, sonic soak works by generating ultrasonic sound waves that create microscopic high pressure bubbles to wash away dirt grime and oils, we had no idea at the time that we come up with was a device that had so many benefits outside of travellers wanting an easy way to wash clothes while on the go it’s also simple to use, you simply place it water add some soap turn on the built-in timer and walk away minutes later your clothes are cleaner than ever before.

Sonic Soak is designed for travelers, moms, neat freaks looking for a thorough cleanse and not just on clothes by the way, but on fruits and vegetables to folks with small loads of laundry fashionistas that need a better solution for their gentle cycle or hand wash only clothes, folks that don’t have the space for a full sized laundry machine really it’s for anyone who wants a cleaner will almost anything because sonic soak is more than a great way to clean your laundry, it can clean just about anything you can stick in the water with it, so if you like things clean free from all those nasty things you can only see up close sonic soak is your solution.

Mode play lets you enjoy interactive games while you workout train gives you exercises and movements and tracks them in real time and measure offers a full menu of instability tests that identify your strengths gauge your balanced ability while tracking your progress from one workout to the next, when you’re ready, place your phone in the built-in cradle and start moving.

The M pad features three rubber base pads for multiple levels of balance and strength training start with one pad to build your confidence then add more to increase your level of challenge as you progress with a wide range of repetitious tilt and swivel motions that mimic real-life movements, the M pad builds your balance and engages your core muscles.

While the M track app lets you play and train and measure your results right from your phone or TV, the new M pad is solidly built with commercial grade materials, features a textured surface for better traction collapses easily for storage and is compact enough to slip into your gym bag or backpack so you can train at home in front of the TV from your stand-up desk at the office or at the gym with weights sync up workout get results and pad and M track the next generation of training from modern movement.