5 UK Hair Brush Straightener Models Reviewed Which makes the best deal

For those of you who use flat irons (hair straighteners) there is a distinct difference in the look and in how to use each. A flat iron is a V-shaped tool. The flat iron includes two plates that you press together with a section of hair in-between once the plates are heated up to the right temperature for your hair type. Then you pull the iron through hair from root to tip and it creates straight-looking hair.

Hair is subjected to intense heat directly onto each strand. A straightening hairbrush is different as it glides over and through hair so it doesn’t hold hair inside the brush and is therefore a less intense and less damaging in the process. Hair is not subjected to heat from both sides like flat irons. So, while they deliver a similar finish, they look different and they are different tools.

Applying more heat to dry, damaged hair can be very bad for its condition, so perhaps select a brush that works on dry hair. If you have very thick or very long hair, select a straightening hairbrush with a bigger head so it can grab more hair and finish the job quicker! Variable temperature is essential, especially if you have fine or damaged hair. Choose something with a low setting so you don’t burn or cause any further damage to your tresses! How Often Can I Use a Straightening Brush?

As with any hair tool you should take care using a hair straightening brush. Don’t use it too regularly because too much heat will cause stress to your hair, drying it out. Always use a heat protecting spray before use. Don’t keep going over and over the same section of hair. It’s best to use these straightening brushes once or twice a week, maximum. Once you’ve straightened your hair, if you select a good quality hair straightening brush, you shouldn’t need to re-do your hair again until the next wash. Best Hair Straightening Brush Options 1. Dafni – the original ceramic hair brush straightener

Actually, the DAFNI hair straightening brush is far superior to straightening irons because it doesn’t clamp down onto hair – there’s no risk of frying hair. It glided through my hair, although contrary to what it says, I would strongly advise you section out your hair so you get right to the underneath, otherwise you can miss out areas and end up with kinks where you don’t want them.

There are also plastic attachments on the top of the teeth of the DAFNI but don’t be deterred, these protect your head from the hot temperature and allow easier brushing; they definitely made a difference to me when I used this product! The cable on the DAFNI is great at 2.2 meters, I could move around easily while styling which is usually the opposite when I use my hair straighteners; I find the cables on those fairly restrictive.

Now, just months later, big brands are starting to filter in their own versions of the original Dafni straightening brush. For example, the BaByliss Smoothing Brush, the Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush and the Asavea. While these are genuinely much better quality than the cheaper Chinese models which infiltrated the market last year, do they work as well as the original Dafni? Let’s take a look. 2. Asavea Brush Straightener 4th generation with anion generator

It’s one of the highest rated hair straightening tools on Amazon, so other people have enjoyed their hair straightening experience using this brush too. In fact, if you have very curly hair you will love the salon-style results you get from this brush because rather than flattening out hair it gives it plenty of oomph which means lots of volume and hair isn’t pancake flat. It heats up fast too and it won’t scald your head when you use it.

This one is different than a brush because it looks more like a comb but it does the same job. It might be small but it is powerful and it delivers a beautiful looking head of shiny, healthy and manageable looking hair. Well, I put it to the test on my mid length, relatively thick wavy hair. My hair also has a tendency to frizz in the heat so I thought this would be a life saver!

I like that it didn’t get too hot, its lightweight, and it delivered good shine. As far as negatives, I would say you do need to section out your hair despite what the instructions suggest. It took longer to straighten out hair than a set of hair straighteners. You need to brush your hair first to get rid of any knots or you do end up pulling hair unnecessarily which can be uncomfortable.