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I work for a short line tourist railroad doing general maintenance. I do a little of everything from cleaning toilets to cutting trees to laying and repairing railroad track. And my current truck reflects that. It currently equipped with almost every tool you could ever need doing my type of work. I used to drive a ford ranger and I decided to take it across a scale once and my little 3000lb ranger almost hit 7000lbs. (no wonder my transmission was starting to get weak)

Well thanks to the mechanic they normally take it to the thing suffered badly from the tighten 1 bolt loosen 2 syndrome. Installing a kitchen sink sprayer or tighten none and loosen 2 in some cases. So upper management decided to buy a new used f350 to replace it and it sat for months. I decided to contact the owner of the railroad and asked what he was planning to do with the bronco.

They told me scrap but $500 and it’s mine. So I bought it back in december of 2017.

From a short test drive up and down the train yard I knew it was hard starting, had no power breaks and shifted very hard between gears. But I wanted my mechanic to do a heavy inspection and look for anything else wrong so I could turn this into my daily driver and put the franken medic I currently drive out of service for some heavy maintenance and a rebuild.

Well the railroad’s auto mechanic couldn’t find why it was a hard start or the power break wouldn’t work. How do i fix a dripping kitchen faucet my mechanic found out both reason real fast. It was having a hard time starting because the fuel pump was bad. And the power brakes weren’t working from a mixture of the vacuum booster and master cylinder being bad and a bunch of very jerry rigged vacuum hose repairs using 1/2 fuel line slipped over top of the 3/8 vacumr hose than black rtving it in place. The kitchen sink is clogged you may have noticed when I refer to the railroad’s auto mechanic I use quotation marks. Mostly because I feel he should really have nothing to do with a wrench from some of the things I witnessed both on this truck and other trucks owned by the railroad. Like the truck kept losing power steering fluid when it was owned by the railroad and their auto mechanic said he couldn’t find a leak. Clearing a clogged kitchen sink drain well me and a volunteer opened the hood to find the leak and he found it in 10 seconds after getting a face full of power steering fluid when I turned the wheel.

While my mechanic is going over the engine and drive trans with a fine tooth comb I decided to go over the electrical systems with a find comb. I found the electrical system was in worst shape than my hacked up franken medic when I first got it. It had multiple different strobe packages and radios installed and they never fully removed or disconnected everything when they upgraded causing dead end wires everyplace some live some cut on both ends.

One of the first things first I wanted to fix was the high beams didn’t work. (it was never driven at night so I’m not sure anyone even noticed at work) I found it had circuitry for wig wags also know as alternating flashing headlights. The circuitry was kinda exposed under the hood causing all the contacts for the relays to rust out. So I re wired it with all new wireing and put all the circuitry inside a water resistant box.

Anouther issue the truck had was when the railroad mechanic installed forward facing brake lights. (comes in handy when you have someone following you and your unable to get the truck turned around so your forced to drive in reverse for miles) the reverse and normal brake lights stopped working. I found when he tapped into the reverse lights to throw the relay turning the forward brake lights on he tapped into the circuitry for the wig wags for the reverse lights causing both of them to stop working and short out. Well I disconnected the forward brake light for now. (I plan to hook them back up but with them properly this time) and fixed the wiring for the reverse lights and now I have operation reverse lights that also flash.

After I did all that I decided to move into the interior. Kitchen sink installation instructions the mechanic tried to fix the rear window once and wasn’t able to do it so he returned the truck with all of the guts missing to the rear window. (I suspect he stole the for one of his own broncos or just forgot to put then back in the truck) well the rear window was left a crack for months before I bought the truck and even though the truck has sat indoors for over 3 months at this point under the vinyl mat was still soaking wet. So I had to strip the whole interior and clean and paint because it was beginning to rust from the inside out. I’m planning on doing the same under the driver’s and passenger seats but I’m waiting until after my mechanic gets around to test driving it to find out what’s wrong with the transmission.

Well now I’m done fixing things (for now) and moving on to customizing it for my own use. How to plumb a kitchen sink drain with dishwasher now I need the strobes for work along with a inverter and radios. But I don’t want to keep my engine running all the time wasting fuel (which I pay for 80% of the time) so I decided to install a 2nd deep cycle battery and run all of the extras I install off of that battery. It’s currently hooked up to a 200a relay witch is acitivated by the ignition so when the engine is running it’s hooked up to the normal system and charges. But when the engine isn’t running it’s icolated so when I run that battery down I can still start the engine and I’m not stranded. I searched all over and finally decided to install it right next to the original one.

Progress has been slow because right now is the busy season at work. Leaking pipe under kitchen sink my weekend hours are currently 8am-1am fri, saturday, sunday. Then fixing anything that break’s during those 3 days durning the week. On top of it being the busy season my boss also put me on building his new house. So in other words my free time has been extremely limited. I’m really hoping I’m going to have a few free days this week.

She reported she fixed the rear window since my last visit but it still needs some fine tuning. She was quite impressed at how gutted the tailgate was. The previous mechanic basically stole everything except the bad motor and scissor arms. (but they where detached so he probably couldn’t figure out how to shoe horn it out of the tailgate) I believe she even said there where parts missing that where so post to be riveted in. She also has a little issue getting parts from bronco graveyard because of that.

I’ve been working on rust proofing the passenger side wheel well with a mix of bondo and bed liner and undercoating. Someone once did a really good job at filling all the spots where dirt could collect that it’s not a real big job. I have some photos I’ll post them once I’m finished. How to disconnect sink sprayer hose it’s been slow because I only get a few hours a week if I’m lucky.