A look at how pemf therapy works on depression and anxiety ~ pemf therapy education

Depression is one of the most common illnesses today, and anxiety and panic attacks are a close second. There is a lifetime rate of over 20% when it comes to depression, with relapse rates in the first year of nearly 30 to 70%. That is a high number, and the relapse occurring in the first year can be discouraging to the patient and their loved ones.

• Nerve stimulation. PEMF therapy emits gentle pulses that stimulate the nerves and awaken them. Those who have experienced the feeling that their “wires are crossed”, have most likely experienced an altered function of the nerves. Some research on “nerve excitability” has shown that nerve impairments occur when nerve ischemia is present. The nerves themselves are critical regarding function, when they impact the part of the brain that controls mood.

This study was done to better understand diabetic neuropathy but it gives us some hints on how we can better understand the function of nerves.

• Vibration of nerves and cells. Depression may be healed through the gentle vibration of the electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from the earth. Imaging gathered from an MRI machine in 2006 showed that time spent in the MRI machine improved their depression and anxiety. MRI machines are not intended to treat depression, however, another significant aspect of this study showed that a severely depressed woman was unable to speak prior to the MRI. The brain scan lasted a total of 45 minutes, and when she came out of the MRI machine, she was engaging in lively conversation with staff. It was in 2006 that the FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Lower intensity is always best to help correct imbalance, as well as to aid in healing parts of the body that have been altered. It is still unclear exactly how PEMF therapy impacted the brain in these studies to improve mood, but they do know that the improvements they saw were valid, and that more research is still needed in order to validate that PEMF therapy may be the VERY best option for those who are treatment-resistant.

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