A new level in the food chain 3

Beast noticed something flowing from the legendary he couldn’t place his finger on it, but the air around her was suddenly different. Then he remembered that the legendary sex kitten is infamous for her pheromones that she always released. She was trying to calm him down, for some reason, the pheromones were not having any effect on Beast, but once he got one good look at the legendary’s face and gazed into her eyes he started to relax a bit.

He took a deep breath as h closed his eyes to calm his nerves before he looked back into her eyes. “Look you have to understand where I’m coming from here. I’ve been dragged to a different world, where the equivalent of doomsday took place 300 years in the past. A world that is a porno fairy tale that magical bioweapon creatures exist.

A world where humans are no longer on top of the food chain and hunted as prey or sex toys or both. A world where men from what I was told by someone are….squishy. So, excuse me if I sound a little erratic because I have a damn good reason to be.”

“She also mistook you as one of their pets and couldn’t get an answer out of you why you were in our territory,” Bastit added. “While you were unconscious, we tried to have one of our best psychic types delve into your mind to find some answers. However, it seems you either have remarkable mental defenses or you’re just immune to psychic probes because the poor girl almost died trying to read your mind”

“I remember after a bright flash of light, I was on a beach with a girl with Tattoo’s, a girl dressed as a slutty Harley Quinn from Batman and some giant ass lizard girl. It was weird the whole time my head kept flashing information on them for some reason, tattoo girl was obviously a bitch goth, but the slutty jester girl was a Harlequin and the muscle girl was a Tyrannodame. I don’t remember what they wanted with me but what I could remember is that I wasn’t the person they were looking for. I tried to fight them but the lizard bitch kicked my ass and knocked me out, the next thing I know I wake up with them trying to take me somewhere. I stabbed the lizard chick in the eye while she was in her T-rex form and then tried to escape, but jester girl caught up with me-“

“Sanctuary has access to powers and technology that almost no other league in the world have and they are not afraid to use it to better their cause no matter who gets in their way,” Bastet explained. “They will stop at nothing to obtain their goal and if capturing you is part of their plans then they will use all their resources to accomplish getting you. That is why we strongly insist that you do nothing reckless and bide your time before trying to go after them young one.”

A lone figure walks down a hallway dressed in a familiar black dress that revealed pale flesh that was covered in tattoos. Her most notable marking around her neck a black rose with a long thorny stem wrapping around it. Her long midnight hair flowing down to her shoulders with the purple highlighted bang hiding her right eye from sight. As the pokegirl neared her destination she sported a look of total dread and worry across her face knowing exactly why she was heading to the room she was summoned to. As the room came into view a large figure could be seen standing in front of a large mahogany double doors, within closer sight the figure was a very tall reptilian female with green skin and feathers for hair dressed in combat fatigues.

As she entered the room she took noticed of the two goths that occupied the dark decorated office. One goth wearing a milky pink dress that was nearly see through that clung to her curves and showing a considerable amount of cleavage to her buxom figure. A black heart was exposed on her left breast for all to see the most distinguished tattoo on her out of the many that covered her body. Her hair black with pink highlights and fell to her neck. A slit ran up her dress to show off a smooth pair pale baby soft legs and feet fitted into sandals. Another woman sat on the edge of a desk, the garment that she wore a blood red battle attire with pants and heeled combat boots. Her raven hair highlighted with silver streaks in it. A sword hung off her hip, one she carried since she was a slicer and very proficient in using the blade and have done so when she deemed necessary or to sate her anger. Her goth markings barely visible due to her garments little exposure of her flesh. She currently holds a scowl on her face as her attention on Kulap as she entered the room.

“Well, the extraction point was located outside of Sanctuary territory. The location was unfortunately located in “their” territory.” She put much emphasis on the word their with a venomous tone in her voice. “We arrived at the extraction point it was then we realized the target that came through the portal appeared not to be the individual we were looking for at all. The boy tried to resist but he was subdued immediately and was taken into custody to be brought here to the homeland. However, during transport, the captive awakened from unconsciousness and attacked our transportation. During this distraction, he was able to escape on foot as I was focused on checking on our transportation. I sent my subordinate to pursuit and recapture the prisoner. After getting ordered restored with my transportation we went to regroup with my other subordinate to assist in the capture of the target. Once we found her she was injured and unconscious with the target nowhere in sight.”

“Though not the individual we needed, he was extracted from the same area as our intended individual and I believe he may have knowledge of the whereabouts of the intended target and other persons of interest. My intentions were to bring him back for interrogation and questioning, we would have been here sooner but for some unknown reason I could not teleport and I was unable to get in touch with the homeland while in that area. At first, it was believed that the area was set up with a teleport block, but when the target was taken and nowhere to be found I was able to teleport once again.”

“I would never suggest something so stupid and foolish.” Valiant spat out “The last time an attack was mounted against those two the raiding forces were wiped out and that was right before the warrior feline annihilated one of our satellite villages in revenge for injuring her lover and capturing a portion of their children. I rather avoid such destruction this time around and not bring that cat’s wrath upon sanctuary again. Besides a better plan would be to get him away from those two.”

“It’s one of our facilities in Silver Bay, some watchers are poking around in the area and are close to finding the base of operations, they need to be taken care of.“ Elder Valiant narrowed her eyes at the younger goth. “Discreetly, any type of drawback and failure will not be tolerated and met with consequences. Do I make myself clear Kulap”