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Be known as your area’s industry leader! Network with manufacturers and get early, direct information about new products; trends in their product; new codes and regulations on products you carry; tax credit opportunities; and find other ways you can let consumers know you are the expert in the hardware and home improvement. Carry the product mix needed for your region. The market will introduce scores of new manufacturers and products. It’s the perfect opportunity to analyze your current product mix and consider new additions. This can help you attract new customers, increase your ticket size with existing customers, and let shoppers know they can one-stop shop at your store. Download our Market app to quickly find the vendors you’re looking for then quickly scan the bar-code of the products you want to buy with our Cipher Lab scanners.

Put technology tools to work for your business. Free assistance and Electronic Toolbox demonstrations are available in the Electronic Services Booth from our technology support staff or from the various point of sale vendors. You’ll return to your store with the technology tools to transact business with House-Hasson and communicate your store’s message to your marketplace in ways that will attract all generations of shoppers. At House-Hasson market you’ll be treated like the premier dealer you are. Our hospitality-focused staff will help you succeed now and in the future. For more information, please contact Pat McCutcheon at pmccutcheon@househasson.com or call 800-333-0520, ext. 212

House-Hasson has special buying opportunities for hardware and building material retailers. These buying opportunities give you the flexibility to order in the quantities you need. For example, when hurricanes hit the Gulf region House-Hasson sourced very large quantities of roofing and tarps. When hardware stores in Georgia needed lumber but not truckload quantities, House-Hasson coordinated a regional split load program. Monthly promotions

Increase your store traffic by using our monthly promotional programs. Each month you will receive our Monthly Promotions Book as well as other promotional materials containing a variety of promotions and special buying opportunities for the season both out of warehouse and drop-ship. All promotions will be featured on our dealer website. End cap specials

These promotions are offered at our three annual dealer markets. These specials offer a wide range of brand name merchandise representing the major vendors who participate in House-Hasson Dealer Markets. Certain specials can only be obtained at markets because they are so amazing! They can definitely improve your overall margins and profitability.

As America’s largest regional hardware distributor, House-Hasson offers many convenient ways to place orders. Our store services department offers bin tag services through which an entire store can be replenished quickly and accurately. House-Hasson’s reset team can bin tag an entire store in several days. Afterwards, to order merchandise, simply use our portable ordering devices and scan the bin tags of the items you want. It’s quick, easy, and accurate.

After building your order, upload it on House-Hasson’s etoolbox.net. Using the website you can review your order, make any adjustments, and set your retails. Press the ‘finalize order’ button and the order will be picked for you House-Hasson. House-Hasson supports many point of sale computer systems that can replenish your store using min/max, order-point, and replenishment ordering models. To reorder merchandise on your computer, House-Hasson point of sale support services will help you select and implement computer-based ordering.

Efficient merchandise check-in is vital to ensure a healthy bottom line. At House-Hasson, all shipping containers are color-coded and numbered for ease of identification upon delivery. Affixed to merchandise are labels showing the sequence number and other information you can quickly and easily locate at delivery for check-in and price stickers.

Information is crucial to running a profitable retail hardware business. Point-of-sale systems gather, store, and distribute information about your company’s sales, products, and customers. This includes everything from simple sales journals and profitability reports to automated ordering and space analysis. Properly used, point-of-sale systems take inefficient procedures and operations and make them profitable.

House-Hasson has an in-house point-of-sale coordinator to aid in your computer system selection and implementation. He can identify computer system features that will have the biggest bottom-line impact – and he’ll show you what to avoid. If you have a computer system you like, House-Hasson’s consultant can help you with best practices to control retail prices, save time, and manage inventory.

Inventory consultation: Our point-of-sale coordinator can help you create a plan for computer-based inventory control and ordering. This plan includes assessing your current situation and making best practices recommendations. These include setting policies to keep accurate inventory, conducting a physical inventory, and cycle counts. Our point of sale coordinator will get involved with your point-of-sale company as well as you and your staff to answer questions and make recommendations during your inventory should any questions arise.