Accredited investor leads

Hey buddy! My name is John Fischer. Welcome to and you’re probably seeing this hyperlink on all of our websites,,, we got a ton of them. And I guess we made it simple, I guess the big thing we always hear is how much of your leads and the people come to the chat line and say how much of your leads and they’re all over the videos, but we’re going to make an official video on pricing and then we’re going to hyperlink to which is the mothership and you’ll have all your answers. So, let’s start off.

The number one leading the country, and I’m not hyping it, I’m just telling you, happens to be the big dogs. The big dogs are $5 million plus businesses owners. These people have at least $5 million in annual sales is what we call the sweet spot.

It starts with $5 million and it goes to plus and the company that I used to get them from only prospect in business so they wouldn’t have to worry about the sand numbers. They’re dynamite. Imagine how much work it takes to have 20 guys to get one guy on the phone, during work hours, using the rec line, and ask him if you likes what he sees as you have a quarter million dollars risk capital and because it’s a massive private placement, he has to have at least $5 million in investible assets, and the guy says, ‘yes’. So, $5 lead…

Now, when the smoke clears for every thousand dollars you spend, you always get 100 big dogs for free with my company. Why to hook you? Why? Because Abby Selden will get eaten for dinner by a big dog, but that 20% of you guys that really, really know how to how to close and are not afraid of big guys that ask for big money, that’s the kind of people that buy the big dogs. So again, they’re $5 apiece, minimum thousand dollars, 200 times 5 is 1,000, you get 100 more for free, so really it comes down to 300 big dogs for a thousand. It’s like $3.33 cents. Got It!

Next, PP crema – PP stands for private placement. Crema stands with the cream of the crop. So all the stuff we’ve gotten in the last 24 months, 80%, 85% just me, my company. These are my clients. They don’t deal with the guys that used to be in business that aren’t in business anymore and they don’t do anything with the West Coast guys. So it’s really a good lead source that hasn’t been hammered or it’s not what we call the village spike and we’ll talk about the village spike later. These are $1 apiece, thousand dollars minimum. They’ve been read the definition of your credit investor by a broker dealer. They’ve been mail the private placement memorandum. They’ve been asked just 25 to 50,000 a comfortable entry level.

So dynamite lead, and it’s a good strong lead. They’re a dollar apiece, thousand dollars minimum. If you buy $5,000, I dropped out to 50 cents. And again, the big dog rule halls. You buy a thousand worth of the dollar ones the PP crema, you still get 100 big dogs for free. You’re getting $1,500 worth of leads for a thousand bucks. You buy the $2,500 for $5,000, you get 250 big dogs for free. That’s another $1250 worth of leads for free.

Last but not least, happens to be the village spike. We have gotten our hands on and been aggressively trying to get all the database from those companies that went out of business. The guy in Chicago, gone, we don’t know what happened to him. I mean, no one knows what happened to him. There’s all kinds of rumors, but bottom line is, he’s out of business. A lot of list brokers have gone out of business. It’s not an easy business. Longevity is not easy and you got to do the right thing. You do the wrong thing and I’ll tell you what the feds will be all over you. You got to do the right thing in this business.

We went ahead and got $500,000 and just recently got another $500,000. We have a million of these leads right now. We call them the village spikes because when those guys were open, they sold them over and over and over again. The people would always hear this is the 10 phone call I got today, don’t call no more. They never be duped or did what we call suppression against previous orders, they never asked for a suppression list, even it was a bad situation. We sell those for 50 cents, $10,000 minimum. We sell $25,000 for a dime, and we sell $50,000 per 7.5 cents.

By the way,, Info USA, lead genie, sales genie, they sell a 7 cent lead of all goodie; $350 for $5,000. It’s junk. Its modeled information, zip plus four average. For the same of 7.5 cents, you’re getting a survey guy by a broker dealer, been vetted as accredited, 25 to 50,000, gotten the private placement memorandum. Night and day, but yeah, you’re not doing a $350 order with me, the minimum is $10,000 and that’s $1,500, but I’m going to tell you, the village spike will beat the daylights out of investor leads, any day info USA, or any of those, but you’re going to have buy quantity. They’re grateful to dollar; they’re great for a brand new broker.

So again, we’ve got the fight all lead, the dollar lead and then we got the village spike, which breaks down to 50 cents, 10 cents, 7.5 cents, depending on quantity. I hope we answered all your questions. We do suppress against the litigators matter of fact I got that list from that company that went out of business. I found 7,000 litigators in there. Amazing! He was selling those people. Those are all troublemakers, they’re out of there. Also we got to say a number we’ll scrub again, so do not call for, you know, Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama; we don’t sell you those states, you are too problematic. Any questions, call me, John Fischer 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Here at We primarily have two price points we sell. Our first product is our “ BIG DOGS“, they’re $5 piece, I know it sounds expensive, but I’m going to tell you something, these are not just an accredited investors, they are qualified, accredited investors, and they are not qualified by some guy in the Philippines or some $10, $12 an hour guy who doesn’t know what an accredited investor looks like.

The big dogs happen to be Master Private Placement Memorandum Recipient. These are highly qualified people, 250,000 minimum liquid risk capital with a minimum of 5 million dollars of investable assets. And believe me, you’re going to get your bang for you buck. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the testimonials on my website. Let my customers tell you how great they are.

Litigators List, 70,000 professional litigators, mostly law firms hoping you call them, so they can sue your butt. Let me tell you something it just really pissed me off, but it’s out there and I have a solution for you. I bought a program and they look for this litigators and we identify them and we remove their name and phone number. It wont cost you a penny, we do it every month. The first month we found 88 people, last month we got 12. One is too many, that’s why we purchase the service and offer it to you for free.