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Reproduction: a brute and a luna will reproduce with intercourse like a human and will have between 5-10 offspring at once the luna will carrythe offspring in external bubbles in her back, after 14 days the young will burst out the bubbles and the bubbles will heal up into a normal almost human back, the luna will then look after the offspring for 6 months untill they grow up and have their own offspring. Eturnus are royal and are in charge of each clan there is one eturnus and when it dies its chest opens and another eturnus popps out already fully grown and has all the knowledge of the previouse eturnus.

Survival: luna’s and brute’s must eat one big meal a week or several little meals and sleep one day every month, eturnus’ eat for a week every 100 years and never sleep.

If they do not eat they will shrivel up and die. The drink liquid iron every day including the eturnus. They can go 7 days without drinking but it is very painfull and unhealthy.

Description: a race that survives on the lethal planet of cozmoria with a poisenous sulphur dioxide atmosphere and a swampy landmass there is no water and they live in clans in the trees they are a very inteligent yet spiritual race they are very welcoming and accepting and do not believe in violence,they are telekenetic andcan talk to animals and plants, they are vegetarians and there god is called caramanilinamarac. They are very attractive flirtatious and seductive they use this to enicethere enemys into traps ratherthan violence.

Description: the en’kwera’di are an exclusively female race of amazonian humanoids who are identical to earthling women with the exception of a stronger, voluminous physique. Awesome half sleeve tattoos for guys what sets them apart from earthlings is that their skin produces enzymes that deteriorate fabric and causes metal to rust, thus being unable to use clothes, resorting to being naked all the time. Half sleeve tattoo designs for guys the only two instances they can wear clothes are during their infant (before enzyme production begins) and elderly (enzymes lose their corrosiveness) stages. Pictures of awesome tattoos another prominent feature this race has is their unbelievable physical strength. Really nice tattoo designs an infant en’kwera’di’s strength is several times stronger than that of an adult male gorilla. Awesome tattoos for females if that wasn’t enough, they also produce a milk-like substance which they eject from their nipples, mouths, and private parts whenever threatened. This makes them impervious to sexual assault, as their acid is so corrosive it can melt diamonds. Awesome tattoos men during later stages, they can secrete their acid at will; this, combined with their superior combat skills, can make them quite dangerous and unpredictable in combat. The acid stops working when they reach old age, but they make up for it by developing powerful psychic abilities. Curiously enough they can eject all of their acid for a certain period of time whenever they’re ready to mate.

The en’kwera’di are a proud warrior race consisting only of women. Due to their similarities to the human race, they absduct human males in order to reproduce. Their means for survival are dependent to their very long lifespan (500 years), immense physical strength, and highly attractive physical features which, combined with extreme pheromone production, can instantly arouse earthling men.