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Visit this post on Facebook to see exactly how all of this goes down, but essentially (during ‘normal’ days at the parks – meaning, not seasonal), you can wait in one spot – at the path parallel to the Pixie Hollow Path – around 12:10pm and see many characters walk by. They are on their way to join The Disneyland Band perform their show in front of the castle and then walk down Main to do the final show in front of the Railroad Station.

• With children, bring an autograph book. This gives the child some time to take in exactly what is going on. Even 30 seconds – while the character signs his or her book – will give him or her some time to breathe and realize that a real life chipmunk or mouse is standing inches away, ready to hug and take photos.

The autograph book can be a great buffer.

• If your budget allows, I highly recommend a character meal. This will allow you one-on-one time with the characters with almost no wait time, a more personal interaction and better photos. This will also allow you to cross all of the characters from your character meal from your list and that will allow you more time in the parks for attractions, shows and other characters.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto can almost always be found at the Town Square, which is the space between the Disneyland Railroad Station and Main Street. The lines are long during busy times. Be prepared. And, often, the line will end because characters need a break (or need to switch with others ready to fill spots). If a cast member tells you that the line has ended, he or she should give you a time to return to see that character again – which is usually within a 15 minute time frame, so position yourself nearby and be ready to be first in line when that character reappears.

I have also seen many princesses roaming the parks on their own. If you are WDW vet, this will be unusual for you. But, at Disneyland, princesses often handle their meet-n-greets solo. I’ve seen Aurora near Dumbo and also near Snow White’s Grotto. I’ve seen Snow White near the Disneyland Railroad Station, to the right, if you’re looking at the station, close to a souvenir kiosk. Snow White also seems to wander the front of the park, too.

Cinderella is very poised and polite, yet, she gets down to business. If your child is lucky enough for her to take his or her hand, follow them. She’ll be setting up for a photo op or she’ll be leaving the immediate area – regardless – it’s a rare privilege to walk through the park with a real live princess. This happens in Disneyland. She’s often in front of the Flower Mickey.

Rapunzel can be found walking through Fantasy Faire in Disneyland sometimes. She often sets up near the line to see the other princesses, under the umbrella, as I described Merida, above. They switch out spots to greet children before the actual meet-n-greet. And, randomly, you can see Flynn Rider with her after the Tangled Show in the Fantasy Faire Theatre.

Tinker Bell (currently with or without “friends of Tinker Bell”) can be found at Pixie Hollow, which is to the right of the castle, just before you arrive at it. If you’re facing the castle, look to the right, find the fountain and walk over to see it. It’s en route to the Matterhorn. This line gets busy fast and the interactions take a bit, so be ready to commit some time to this encounter. Anna, Elsa and Olaf

Check out my post on Frozen for all things Frozen. (That was redundant on purpose.) Essentially, Anna and Elsa can be found in Animation Academy on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood Land. Olaf is typically seen outside of Stage 17, to the right of it. To find this building, head toward Monster’s Inc in Hollywood Land and look to the left of that attraction. Star Wars Characters

Alice in Wonderland is part of the 10am-ish band celebration at the front of Disneyland and also can be found at the Coca Cola Corner with the Mad Hatter and other friends playing musical chairs around 2pm every day. Early mornings often take her and the Mad Hatter into the small picnic peninsula just behind Edelweiss Snacks, which faces the Matterhorn in Fantasyland. I see them there a lot having tea parties with guests. This provides the most delightful photo op. Alice also walks the park quite a bit.

Oswald is usually very easy to find at the entrance of California Adventure, to the left as you walk in, not far from the store that shares his name. Sometimes, he’s on the opposite side of the path near the entrance. However, you will almost always see him at the front of the park. Why? As you walk down Buena Vista Street, you’re following a timeline, which starts at the front of the park, where Walt Disney arrived on Buena Vista Street. You’ll finish the timeline as you walk further into the park, near Carthay Circle. As you get closer to Carthay Circle, you’ll find Mickey Mouse. Since Oswald and Mickey existed in different times, they’re never seen together. Oswald is at the front. Mickey is further in.