All about icf walls

Also known, affectionately, as giant Lego, ICF (insulated concrete forms) is a construction system whereby lightweight foam blocks, made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), are ‘stacked’ together to make up the desired wall shapes, which are then filled with concrete. The EPS (foam) acts as your insulation, making ICF blocks stay-in-place forming system, which complete 5 steps of the construction process in 1.

ICF wall systems are assembled by placing blocks on top of others according to the manufacturer’s specifications. As a wall system is assembled, other aspects of constructing a wall correctly include steel reinforcement inside of the wall as specified in the building code/manufacturer’s engineering guide, window/door openings that need to be formed so concrete does not spill thru, penetrations that need to be kept void of concrete for any services needing to pass thru the wall.

As the wall is erected, an 3-in-1 systems is connected to the exterior of the wall to acts as the bracing, alignment and scaffolding system.

It has been proven that ICF construction is the most hypo-allergenic available. In fact, one case personally relayed to us was of a person on the east coast with 20th Century Disease, a condition attributed to hypersensitivity to the environment caused by an overload of assaults by artificial materials in their environment. This person found refuge in a home built using LOGIX ICF.

ICF blocks are not Styrofoam, a common misconception. LOGIX blocks are, in fact, made of expanded polystyrene, similar to Styrofoam. An important difference is that when LOGIX blocks are made, no CFCs of HCFCs are used in the forming process. The fire-retardant that is incorporated into the blocks will off-gas slightly in the factory. However, this process is finished before the blocks leave the factory, and long before a home-owner ever takes occupancy of their new ICF home.

Furthermore, as ICF construction does not rot, decay, or suffer any of the other susceptibilities of wood, the home-owner can enjoy their home assured they will not have to deal with the unpleasant realities of wood-frame construction such as mould and mildew. Designed properly, an ICF home will naturally be cleaner and healthier. Dusting can even be a less frequent activity in an ICF home.

One of the earlier programs was called R2000 and since then many other initiatives and programs have been established in efforts to update old build ings and build better new buildings. However, the integral part of constructing homes has not been required to change, which still leaves wood-framed homes susceptible to risks involved with this old-fashioned type of construction.

Today there are many insulated concrete form manufacturers out there. So why do knowledgeable ICF builders everywhere suggest LOGIX to their clients? The answer lies in the superior design and performance of LOGIX. Backed by our network of local stocking distributors, their talented regional support teams and their 6 manufacturing facilities, LOGIX is the one for quality, value and outstanding customer service.