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I’m very confused about what cup depth I should be looking for as my depth seems to be different between the lined and unlined bras. Now, it’s possible that it is a result of the measurements that I am taking since I am still newish to it all, and might have minor inconsistencies, but it seems like it’s a pretty … big difference and I don’t understand why. I’m going to list my bras, sizes, depth, and how they fit but split them into lined and sizes unlined so that you can see where my confusion lies…

Ewa Michalak S Szykus 70E (8.3) — slight puffing on bigger side with no cookies in and definitely more with the cookies in; puffing/pillowing is more from nipples to gore from center full tissue; I think that it mostly doesn’t show under tops but might if I have the cookies in; unsure if I should get a size up or perhaps this style just runs smaller (I’ve got nothing to compare it with)

If I looked at a lined bra that measured 9.5, I feel like the cups would be huge based on how the lined bras measure. An unlined bra of 8.3 would surely be too small. So what gives? Am I just really bad at measuring? I don’t think I am, because the small measurements seem consistent with the lined and the bigger ones with the unlined bras. Also, when I receive a new bra from the listings, I measure and then check the measurements the previous person (people) to see how close I am to them and if it varies, I try measuring again to see if I can get what they had (sometimes I don’t and leave it with what I get). Is there something that I don’t know about the measurements of everything?

Like others have said, the fabric in front is very scratchy on the outside and mildly scratchy on the inside and it doesn’t get better with washing. I don’t mind that but it could be a problem if it’s chafing or if you have very sensitive skin. The lace is made of the same soft and stretchy material used on the Panache Andorra and Cleo Kayla and the band consists of a thin breathable mesh.

The fit is different from my other Cleo / Panache bras that tend to push all my breast tissue to the center. It’s supportive but my boobs just keep their natural wide and projected shape. I didn’t like this at first but it is a welcome change now that I own so many bra that make a super round shape. Also because my boobs get really achy when I only wear ball shaped bras like my Cleo Meg ( ) or Marcie ( ) for several days. Maybe they want to express their personality and don’t like to be forced into an artificial geometric shape all the time

The wires have the same narrow shape as in my Panache Andorra ( ). But they are more flexible, so they fit a bit too wide ending about 1.5 cm behind by breast tissue. But they don’t poke me and I even find it more comfortable to have the wires sit in a slightly different spot from time to time. The band fits pretty snug but has enough give to remain comfortable during a 12 hour workday.

I think this is a swimsuit that is worth going down … in the band. I suspect that due to the nature of swimsuit material the band is a bit stretchy. It feels fine and comfortable, but I think that I would personally like a snugger fit for swimwear, especially as I am active in the pool with my children. There is just one swimsuit style hook on the back, so you cannot adjust for a tighter or looser fit. This swimsuit is still great, but if I ordered a new one I would go with a tighter band. I have found that I prefer a 60 band to a 65 in Comexim, but this bikini feels stretchier than Comexim bras in 65.

The bottoms are very cute too. They are so flattering. They have strings on the side, so you can adjust the fit and assure you dont have unwanted bulges from bottoms cutting in. I wondered when I looked on the website if they would be too full coverage, or go up too high on my belly. They are in fact perfect. Classic great looking bikini. A little cheeky, but not skimpy. I love them! Read more