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Beyond having the choice of size and shape for your mirror, current technology allows for mirrors with integrated lighting, which can create a seamless look that combines the two in one. Maybe you haven’t found the perfect vanity lighting or want to go for an ultra minimal look, integrated lighting can be the way to go. Some offer dimmable options controlled wireless through an app in your phone, others have additional features like bluetooth so you can also listen to your favorite music while you wash your face, brush your teeth and put on make up, if you’re into make, up that is.

Decoraport has been distributing LED mirrors since 2014 with all the modern features options like touch control, infrared control, bluetooth and even anti fog applications.

Imagine taking a steamy bath or shower while enjoying music from your bathroom vanity mirror which is, all the while, not building up fog from condensation. Anti fog applications allows you full use of your vanity mirror without the wait because as we all know, the bathroom can be accumulate extra moisture very quickly and by warming up the surface of the mirror, you don’t have to wait for your mirror to clear. Dimming is yet another feature you can have built into your mirror and control from your phone for whatever lighting you prefer at the time.

Even if you’re not a pro at interior styling and design, if you’re about to sell your home it helps to learn a few tips about how to effectively stage your space in order to make it appealing to potential buyers. By doing this you’re giving viewers a chance to see the maximum potential of your home and see the place in its most flattering state. Chair images hd think of what you’d want to see if you were touring a home. While it can be difficult for us to see our own spaces from a new perspective, try to keep in mind what others see when they walk through the front door. To assist in this process I’ve gathered the most essential steps to styling your home so that it’s staged to sell. You can refer to their home central resource here for more useful tips on how to stage your home for sale!

You’ve heard me talk about minimalism and using less when it comes to interiors many, many times on the blog. When you’re staging your home to sell, this cannot be underestimated! One of the worst things you can do is have too much stuff, especially very personal things in your space so that it makes seeing the structure of the home difficult. Too much of your own items in the house at the time of viewing also inhibits visitors from being able to imagine themselves living in the space. By removing all the extras you create a neutral zone that can suit many different buyers.

While it is key to remove any clutter and excessive amounts of items in the home, don’t go completely bare! Staged homes, on average, sell faster and when done effectively, allow buyers to visualize themselves living in the structure. Make sure you have a complete set of dining chairs, window coverings, sufficient rugs, seating in the living rooms, bedding and lighting. It might be alright with you to have mismatched pillows but when touring your house, make sure all the essentials are there and in good condition!

It should go without saying but having a clean, staged home is also vital. Take a closer look at spaces you might have grown accustomed to overlooking. When a person enters your space for the first time, you want them to notice the positive features your home has to offer, not dusty baseboards and smudged refrigerators. Give any window coverings a wash or dusting and make sure textiles on the bed are clean and ironed, when applicable. Smell is also very important when you first experience a place, don’t go overboard but do take care to notice what people might smell. It should be a fresh, clean and neutral scent. Again, nothing too personal and scent like perfumes and candles can evoke strong positive or negative emotion in people.

Now is the time to let in as much natural light as possible. Even if you have curtains or shades, make sure everything is drawn back and not interfering with letting in plenty of light from outside. Obviously this lets people see the space accurately, but it also makes a space feel larger, cleaner and happier. If you have a room with no windows, like a basement for example, buy LED lightbulbs with a cooler lighting that feels more like daytime. While you’re at it, make sure any light fixtures have working bulbs as well, many people will automatically flip light switches when scoping out a home.

For the past many months I’ve been working on a secret project and I’m pleased, excited, thrilled to share it with you today! In partnership with the sleep shirt we have created a limited edition capsule collection for fall! The collection includes a variety of their best styles from a short sleeved/pant set, full length sleeping gown and even a sleeveless nightie. We wanted to make a full spectrum of styles available with this for however you prefer to sleep or lounge. The fabrics we selected also offer a wide range of options to choose from a very sumptuous cashmarello, a fine cotton twill to a smoky linen blend all keeping in soft neutral hues for a timeless look!

In case you aren’t familiar, here is a bit of better introduction for the sleep shirt which is a small, female run company based in vancouver, BC, CANADA. The sleep shirt’s sleepwear is made in small batches in a factory whose employees are all paid above minimum wage. They also have very strict quality control with construction designed to last for many years, even more so if you follow the care instructions. (I have seen this to be true first hand!) also, all of the fabrics used in the making of their sleepwear soften with time and wear, some of the materials actually need to be broken in before the reach their full potential for softness.

About three years ago I did some styling for the sleep shirt, if you’ve been following the blog that long you may remember it. Since then I have worn several of these shirts myself and can personally attest to their wearability and quality but also their luxurious feel. Incredibly, after three years of wear they still show no signs of breaking down!

When it comes to wood or tiled flooring, it can be hard to make a decision. Chair types dining room once you have eliminated hundreds of options to decide on the look you want, you may find yourself struggling to find the budget for your dream flooring. This is where laminate flooring may help. In comparison to solid wood or tile, there are many more benefits to laminate. Here we discuss the top 3 benefits that may persuade you that laminate can also be a great option as well.

Compared to tiles, laminate can dramatically reduce slip risk and create a much warmer feeling to a bathroom. Alternatively, wood flooring is known for its inability to withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity, and moisture, unlike some water-resistant laminates. Spinning office chair animated gif laminate creates the wood look without being affected by such conditions, and although vinyl can be an alternative, it can be more difficult to install, more expensive and not great for the environment. Laminate is bathroom friendly due to its HDF construction, underpinned by a watertight moisture barrier and topped by a wear layer for a protection.

You know what you are getting with laminate, with no unexpected surprises from variation between trees, and no anomalous grain or knots that would come with real wood. In terms of tiles, stone can produce natural variations too, and you don’t always receive what you expected when ordering. Although an imitation, laminate is highly realistic looking too – many people struggle to spot the difference between the two. You can also be very specific with laminate, choosing much more accurately from shade, species, and finish to create the look you want most.

Where we live it is huckleberry season, which means these sweet little berries are now available at albertson’s on broadway, who I have been working with on several tasty projects this summer. Huckleberries look quite similar to blueberries but their taste is more intense with more juice which makes these intensely delicious once baked as the juices release and mix with he sugar/flour mixture to make a syrup.

Roll out your pie dough into a circle, approx 12 wide. Rinse your huckleberries and figs and drain. Mix your sugar, flour and spices together and gently toss your fresh berries in them. Now fill the center of your crust with the dusted berries and then top with quartered figs and lemon zest, being careful to leave about 1 1/2 of dough to folding over the edges. Pleat your edges as you fold them up, brush edges with the beaten egg and then sprinkle with coarse sugar. Bake at 350ºF/176 C for 40 minutes. Once galette is removed a cooled slightly you can drizzle it with a bit of honey. Serve with fresh vanilla ice cream or mascarpone cheese!