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Animal Rescue Foundation -IL is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3), no-kill humane society. Our family of volunteers is dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and caring for homeless dogs and cats while we find them their forever homes. We promote spay/neuter programs to help reduce pet overpopulation and work within communities throughout Illinois to assist and educate the public about responsible pet ownership. As a proud participant in the nationwide “No More Homeless Pets” initiative our goal is to help bring about a time when all pets are valued and protected by their entire community. MEET Simba

Simba, although a girl, was named this probably because of her gorgeous long hair. Simba is a sweet young girl who greets her foster mom every time she comes in the room by circling her legs and meowing.

She can be a little shy sometimes, like when too many people come in the room, but she is never aggressive. Although she is not yet comfortable with cuddling by being held, she adores being stroked and petted while on a bed or other surface near her human. She will require frequent brushing due to her long hair, so this could make for good bonding time for her forever human. The pictures cannot do justice to her coloring. She is a light grey with smatterings of cream coloring mixed in, which gives her a unique coloring pattern all her own.

Simba has tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Vets used to believe that an FIV+ cat could only live alone or with other FIV+ cats, but that idea is now considered outdated. The virus is spread through deep bites – the kind from mean fights, not playful wrestling, and not from shared homes. So, unless one of the cats involved is aggressive, FiV+ and FIV- cats should have no problem living together. You can read more about FIV here.

Simba is a spayed female, about 2 years old (as of January 2018), micro-chipped, up to date on vaccinations, currently in a foster home. Simba’s adoption fee is $110. If you are interested in meeting Simba, lease complete our an Adoption Application today! Filling out an application does not obligate you in any way. Once your application has been approved, an ARF volunteer will contact you to arrange a meeting. Simba will also be making appearances at ARF Adoption events for times and locations. MEET Casper

Casper is a 2 year old male Boxer/Pit mix who weighs in at 50 pounds. He is house trained, good with other dogs, and good with kids. Casper is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle! Casper is micro-chipped, up to date on all vaccinations, housebroken and was neutered on 7/5/18. His new family will be required to complete a basic obedience course of their choosing.

Hello everyone. My name is Rosie. The vets estimate that I am about 2.5-3 years old. I am a Pure Bred Boxer. My foster family tells me that I am a very good girl. I came to A.R.F. with my 4 puppies. I was a great mom!!! I cared for and nursed them all, on my own, until they were ready. They have all been adopted and once I’ve been spayed on Monday 7/23, I can be as well!!! I will be accepting appointments to meet my potential new humans at the adoption event scheduled for July 28th. I am up to date on my shots and healthy. I have also been microchipped, so I won’t get lost!!! Until I was placed with A.R.F. I had a very difficult life, but I haven’t allowed that to change my playful, friendly, and loving demeanor. My teeth never grew in correctly (at least that’s what the vet thinks). Therefore my tongue always hangs out the side of my mouth. I don’t let that stop me from being the best companion I can be!!! It just means I need an understanding owner, who has a great big heart, and can put a couple of accommodations in place for me. I need tall and wide food/water bowls with a towel or tray placed underneath them. Because of my tongue, I am a bit messier when I eat, but with the accommodations the mess is greatly minimized!!! I am still crazy about playing fetch and will bring the ball back for you to throw again and again!!! I am house broken and do just fine being free to roam the house while you are out. I don’t chew on anything other than my toys. I am good with new people, children, and other dogs!!! I am a bit on the bigger side and….well……not the most coordinated, so sometimes smaller dogs are a little frightened of me, but I just want to play!!!! I probably shouldn’t be placed in the same room with small furry animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.), because my hunting instinct tends to take over. However, I’m fine with them being in a different room and lose interest when they aren’t in my line of site. If you are that wonderful person, with a heart overflowing with love, looking to adopt an amazing, trusting, and resilient dog who needs a few simple accommodations, just fill out one of our online applications and see if you are approved. I hope to meet you soon!!