Argentina, manchester united goalkeeper sergio romero responds to mauro icardi mundo albiceleste gallon of gas cost breakdown

I am well aware that players are no angels. John terry had an affair with his teammates girlfriend, but did not marry her and take the kids, and lost captaincy in the english team under cappello, rooney was accused of extra marital activity, no way a friend should have an affair with another friend’s wife/girlfriend. Average cost of natural gas per month what do you think about teammates? How others will trust that person? So in that case the ‘friends club’ and the coach have a reason to keep him out. Cost of gas for a road trip half of argentina despised the guy including maradona. But I think if he was tactically gifted, he could have made his way through, he had no place in the team tactically, it’s all clear.

AS for the existence of friends club, I think it’s blown out of proportions.

In every team in the world there exist such group of close friends. Gas prices canada 2014 certain players are always consulted, but they don’t go as far as dictating who play and who does not. Unless you consider meza,tagliafico, acuna,benedetto,fazio as part of the friends club. And di maria, aguero, banega are not part of that club because they were on the bench in important matches the last WC.

Tapia must shows the 10 years afa reform as he told us several times in his tenure. I am not going with scaloni common guys we are not peru,chle or any minnows where anyone get coaching role of national team.We are argentina,we want a good coach with good cv,please dont tell me about scaloni 6 match streak,argentina have lots of good coaches available like holan,coudet,antonia mohammad,almiron,alfaro etc

There are lots of coaches available in super liga who is having good history with them in club level.Scaloni is good but only for u-20 level not for our nt he even dont have any coaching experience before these 6 matches. British gas energy price calculator MAD SAMPAOLI get him in his coaching staff as a video analyst for apposition match. Argentina deserve a coach who is having a very good cv.AFA and tapia must shows the comittment for our beloved albiceleste, if they dont show us the next 10 years cycle for argentina football as well a good coach for us than i am bet sure we will not win anything in near future. Vamos albiceleste

Cox4, you expressed exactly my thoughts my friend, hats off to you, as we are our own worst enemy! I will also add us, the fans, to this miserably circus, as we won’t miss a single chance on bashing our team, it’s players and every single effort on trying getting things better! And you know the best part? We give gredits to other teams and its players where they don’t really deserve to!

We didn’t play attractive against brazil. Well, we didn’t indeed! But did brazil best potential 11 played convicingly against an experimental argentiina B team?? No, they didn’t! Some said here that we should have conceeded four goals against brazil as we only had just a single shot on target. Fuel cost calculator uk diesel well, brazil had JUST THREE but still some stated that we should have been down to four goals! I don’t know whether to laugh or get ungry with some comments! Brazil also won uruguay with a penalty, how convincing! Where are brazilian forwards as i didn’t hear anyone of them scoring tons of goals lately!

Have these people really BOTHER watching france and germany?? Their performances as well as their way of playing were far way than convincing in uefa nations league! The only team that really liked currently was the netherlands. But still we feel the obligation to point out only the negatives regarding our team, pointing out the mexican B team pretending that they were playing against argentina best team instead of an experimental B side as well and so on…

You already have your mind set and fixated in a specific angle based on rumors spread around, or personal vendettas and based on analysis of the aftermath of a certain event. I have laid out my reasoning here on mundo few times to negate the ‘huge influence’ of so called ‘friends club’, and blaming the results of the NT on the existence of friend’s club. And I am sure you have read those reasons.

I am not here to convince you, nor force you to accept my way of looking at this subject, nor I am going to insult, or accuse you of being blinded by hate towards certain group of people who are failures in your book. I am just pointing out certain points which made me believe otherwise, and from my past experience, I don’t believe everything that I read on the net when I hit the search button on google, unless I find an acceptable,reliable source, or that specific subject falls within the boundaries of reason. To my definition this is being more realistic and being cautious in accepting information that god knows who, and why is spreading them.