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The highest positive net absorption of office space ever recorded – 900,000 SF was achieved during the 4th quarter of 2015. Five new buildings that total over 675,000 SF were completed during the fourth quarter with an additional 1,500,000 SF of office space still under construction. The city wide average rental rate increased during the quarter from $30.52/SF/year to $30.71/SF/year. Class A, central business district rental rates increased during the quarter from $42.96/SF/year to $44.36/SF/year and class A suburban office space increased from $32.73/SF/year to $33.16/SF/year. Modern office interior design concepts city wide vacancy fell from 11.7% in the third quarter to 11.3% in the 4th quarter continuing a downward trend that started in the second quarter of 2009.

Central business district vacancy continues to be lower than the average vacancy rate of 6.8%.

The city wide average vacancy rate dropped from 8.6% to 7.8% over the quarter. Interior design ideas for home office space the lowest vacancy in the quarter was 2.7% in the northwest submarket. Over 400,000 SF of positive net absorption was achieved in the fourth quarter bringing year end absorption to over 2,000,000 SF. The city wide average rental rate decreased slightly from $9.37/SF/year to $9.32/SF/year. The highest average rental rate was found in the southwest submarket at $14.03/SF/year. One building in round rock was completed in the fourth quarter that totaled 50,000 SF with 1.2 million SF still under construction.

In the fourth quarter of 2015 nine retail properties valued at $62 million were sold in the austin market – for an average sales price of $204 per building square foot with an average capitalization rate of 6.8%. Office space interior design ideas I n february of 2016 the average net rental rate for retail in the greater austin area is $18.70/SF/year. By submarket the top rental market is the central business district which averages $28.86/SF/year and the lowest is the northeast and east submarket at $14.33/SF/year.

The median price for single family homes in austin increased by almost $30,0000 in 2015, a 9% increase over 2014. 29,068 single family homes were sold in 2015 up 5% year over year and an all time high. At year end the median price for a home in austin was $270,000 an increase of 10% year over year. $9.6 billion in sales were completed in 2015 an increase of more than a billion dollars over 2014. Housing inventory ended the year with a 2.2 month supply, less than half of what the real estate center at texas AM considers a balanced inventory of homes. Homes in 2015 averaged two additional days on the market over 2014.

The fourth quarter of 2015 apartment occupancy rate averaged 89.9% with the north submarket leading the way at 94.9% and the southeast submarket at the low end totalling 85.4%. Commercial office interior design singapore class A rental space averaged $1.51/SF with the central business district the highest submarket rate at $2.55/SF followed by the central submarket at $2.02/SF. The average rent per square foot in austin totals $1.34/SF. 25 properties were sold in the fourth quarter of 2015 for an average price per unit of $87,874 and an average capitalization rate of 5.2%.

If the property is located within the city limits a zoning category is assigned to the property. This will dictate the land use allowed. Zoning is a way for a municipality to provide some order to land uses in their jurisdiction. In a simplistic view of austin zoning the more compatible land uses are located next to each other. Corporate office interior design ideas the less compatible uses are located further away from each other. An example of compatible uses would include different kinds of housing being located next to each other. Incompatible uses would include houses for example not being located near manufacturing plants.

Therefore purchasers of land need to know and understand the zoning category assigned to the property they are interested in. By doing so they will understand what can and can’t be constructed on it. A real estate agent should be able to assist the buyer with this. Home office setup ideas sometimes this can be done on the internet as is the case in austin by using the online city of austin zoning information link.

In addition to a zoning determination the city will typically provide a list of uses that are allowed under the zoning category. If a property doesn’t have the zoning necessary for the use then an attempt can be made to have the zoning changed. This is a formal process accomplished through the local city government. This can be time consuming and costly and there is no guarantee that the request will be approved. A civil engineer, land planner and/or attorney should be consulted when a zoning change is being contemplated to make sure that the process and its risks are identified.