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here’s some recent but regular bile from limbaugh on 600 radio stations, excusing the racism, explaining the liberals and minorities are the real racists. ignoring this asshole is why racism has become more ‘acceptable’. what a load of shit but he does this all day when it’s a hot issue. same shit he’s been doing for 30 years, more refined. confusing, total bs, but he’s completely certain and that’s what counts with the authoritarian mind. all this to to come to come back to the basic black white absolutist racism to satisfy the sex on the wrong brain need for certainty/absolutism. talking about non-racists/liberals/socialists/leftists/communists, etc. here’s the guy who’s ring trump and hannity and much of the republican party kiss.

the real grand wizard with the gift of gab on 600 radio stations ignored by the left, the guy trump just called last week, a guy putin probably figured out how to pay 10 years ago to help nearly put palin in the WH:

The sum total of their (liberals, democrats) education is America sucks and it sucks because it was guilt by and for rich white people and everything that’s happened has been only to benefit rich white people and the country was built on the backs of a bunch of minorities who didn’t get anything for it and they’ve just been taught this hatred and it’s been building and building and building and that’s what they believe in. The root of all evil in America is white primarily male majority.

[00:06:11-00:07:58] : And you add Christian to it and you pretty much have the picture. They believe they cannot be racist. They cannot be bigoted. They cannot be prejudiced because they’re minorities. And as such they have no power to use their racism. So they can’t hurt anybody they can’t explain to anybody because they’re minorities so they can’t be racist. So racism has come to be a stand in for white privilege white majority which is actually the genuine true enemy and objective of the modern day leftist radical protesters. I saw that yesterday. I first heard the whole theory espoused by the Reverend Jackson when he was running for president 1980. And it was said that he couldn’t be racist. He is a minority. The power to abuse or mistreat anybody. So no no African-American in America ever be guilty of racism. But there’s also has roots in Marxism because what this really is is a strain of communism. They would tell you it’s post modernism post racial post partisan post modernism is what they claim. And that it’s rooted in the Marxist struggle. Of the rich versus poor and of course the rich are the evil white majority and the poor are everybody else who used to have all the money but the rich white people took it.

: Never understood the math on this. Are you going to rob from the poor and get rich (how can that be?)? But this is what they say anyway. Rich versus poor has now become oppressor versus oppressed and all of the minorities despite whatever progress has been made redundant. They are the oppressed and the white majority primarily white men Christian are the oppressors and that’s how they view America and they view it as having been founded that way. And as such if Candace Owens wants to join in with a bunch of white guys and run around talking about conservative values she is a white supremacist and that’s how it works. I know it’s confusing and perverted but that’s it. And of course they get praised by the media for having compassion and caring the desire to change things for the better. And some of the violence they engage in the bullying they engage in is essentially excused the and in some cases even lauded

I see many stories about the working class highlighted in the media. I’ve seen panel after panel on tv of the media’s version of "working class" . Unlike the undocumented, the hurting Earth, the abused, and those who’ve been victims of state-sanctioned murder……. the working class (at least the trump supporting ones) are profiled in print and televised news daily. It seems to me that their voice is already everywhere. If they are not being heard/seen, then I don’t know who is.

You and I are looking at things from very different perspectives. It may also help to explain why some of the voters that initially supported Obama, turned cold the minute he said anything that didn’t speak for them specifically. It speaks to a sort of fragility that I’m not familiar with. Not to get too far off topic, but this may also explain why some folks were drawn to Sanders while others were drawn to Clinton.

"Making ends meet" is not a new problem for many. The thing is, most people who struggle with this are already in our camp….solidly. Talking about corporations screwing folks does motivate some. Giving half cocked speeches about trade deals and whatever else to give the impression that certain industries can return may help some. I’m just not sure it’s going to turn out the base in the way that we need it to. In those districts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, specifically, where voter suppression was most effective……I’m just not sure.

As far as my "equating working class with a movie of white factory workers" …..if you re-read my post, you’ll see that I clearly stated that the media seems to do that. Statistically, most working class already votes with us. The sad truth is that the working class voters that did shift in 2016 from blue to red, did not do so because of economics. Look at the studies, the answer is stark. Are you looking for someone to be their voice? What is that going to look like?

But I think that while we acknowledge that all politics is local, we still need a unifying analysis which simplifies the garden of separate issue flowers. Individual leaders will emphasize what they will, but the country, indeed the whole planet, needs a new functional paradigm to help unify the progressive intelligentsia (and the intelligentsia includes the working class which has more neurons per tablespoon than your average rich kid investing hir parent’s money in the stock market).

and given that small and medium sized business is most business and more creative than large corporate monopolies, and given that pitting socialism against capitalism is just another distraction from the job of IMPROVING conditions for small business and workers in those businesses: I advocate for a continuously emergent CIVIL economy guided by a CIVIL infrastructure.

You may say "this is pretty much what Democrats stand for." But they never state it clearly as a civil, democratically informed base upon which small free enterprise can operate. I’m proposing that we start to think like 21st century social-economic coders and think of this civil infrastructure as an operating system for a creative, dynamic, humane and sustainabke future.