Average tattoo prices tattoos hurt

The price for tattoos are basically not cheap unless of course you opt for the temporary tattoo option. The price becomes quite costly if you want larger ones, as the costs can go up to thousands of pounds. The typical cost of tattoos can start anywhere from £40 to £100 for the tattoo artist’s rate per hour. What this means is that the longer your tattooist has to work on your tattoo, the higher the total cost will become. Also if your looking at custom work rather than stock flash the prices can rise to £50 to £250 per hour.

Instead of pricing by the hour, some tattoo artists will charge per tattoo project. but with this kind of pricing it tends to be stock flash work and even the smallest tattoo can cost you £30 as that’s the lowest the tattooist may set-up for.

This tends to be the minimum rate in a lot tattoo studios most places you go. So if your question is how much does a standard small tattoo cost then this can be answered by set minimum charges of the tattoo shop, which we have established can start at £30. However, more often than not, even the most prominent tattoo artist in a top tattoo studio cannot quote you an exact price until you choose the design you want to ink on your body. Hence, the best way to know the exact price of your tattoo is to pick a design and location on your body for the tattoo, show it to an artist, and ask for the price quote. Factors Affecting Pricing

Size. Average tattoo prices are determined usually by price. The bigger the tattoo, the higher the price will become. This is true because the bigger the tattoo, the more work there is to do for the artist. You can get an idea on how much does a tattoo cost by checking on the size of the design. However, tattoo prices by size is usually not the only determinant of the actual price of getting a tattoo as there are a lot of other factors than can affect the cost of tattoo designs.

Placement. The place where you want to be inked will more often than not determine the price of tattoos. The more sensitive the area is, the higher the price can become. Least sensitive areas include the calves, shoulder blades, outer thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and forearms. Sensitive areas, on the other hand, are the lower back, neck, underarm, ankles, head, and groin area. The most sensitive areas and probably will cost higher include the genitals, ribs, sternum, feet, and hands.

Design. Simple tattoo designs come cheap, usually £50 to £100. This is true because the overall work time of a simple tattoo design can only be an hour or less. On the other hand, complex tattoo designs can cost a lot higher. Besides this, choosing an original tattoo can add up to the cost. This is often acknowledged because the artist will require more time drawing a customized tattoo as compared to just copying and tweaking a design from a flash design that they already have.

Location.The geographical area where the tattoo shop is located also determines the prices of tattoos. Tattoo studios in big cities usually charge higher than those tattoo shops located in small cities and towns. The price can even go higher when the tattoo studio is located in a vacation spot. A good comparison to consider is a tattoo that is priced £150 in Manchester can become as high as £300 in London.

Removal. In any case you want to remove your tattoo, the cost can be even more than how much you have spent for getting the tattoo in the first place. Laser tattoo removal cost thousands of pounds, which can surely hurt your budget. If you do not want this from happening to you, make sure you are fully decided on getting a tattoo as well as on the design and its location on your body.

It is also not a good custom to haggle the price with the tattoo artist as this is somewhat disrespectful. Remember, the artist asks for a price according to his skills, experience, and quality of work he offers. If you cannot pay for the quality, wait until you are able to afford it instead of finding cheaper deals or haggling on the price. This is very important for you to consider because a tattoo is something you will wear for life. If you don’t pay for quality today, you might regret getting one after some time.

However, there are times that you can get good deals from a good tattoo parlour without haggling for the price. Some artists will give you discounts especially if you are his regular customer. Besides quality of work, safety is also something to look for. It is okay to pay more to a shop or artist as long as you are guaranteed of the safety of the work such as the cleanliness of the equipment.

Getting a tattoo is a very serious decision. With the cost alone, it must be well thought off all the time. So before you go get a body ink, make sure you are a hundred percent sure with your decision. This is true because a tattoo is not only expensive to get but also expensive to maintain and even more expensive to remove in the long run.