Avhana stormheart ascension chronicles obsidian portal

On the evening of her 20th birthday she awoke from a dream with a voice asking to “Come find me”. As she awoke took in her surroundings and realized that she was in the middle of an unfamiliar field. She jumps to her feet as a crack of thunder rolls a crossed the land. Its too dark for her to discern where she is. As it starts to rain she runs towards a to grove a trees nearby to protect her from the elements. Just as she was about to reach the trees a bolt of lightning struck the nearest tree causing her stumbled to the ground. The sky then cracked open and rain began to pour.

Now cold, wet, and terrified she scrambled towards the trees. Tears running down her face as she fears that tonight she will lose her life. As she reaches the grove of trees she finds a large tree with a hollow base that appears to be big enough for she to crawl inside of.

As she stumbles through the dark she trips and falls once again. She lays there for a second crying and confused. Question flooded her mind “How did i get here”, “Where is here”, “Am i dreaming”. Dreaming…. “C..e ..nd m.” Only questions no answer. As she is getting up another flash of lightning and immediately followed by the explosion of thunder reminds her the she needs to get into shelter or there is no way that she will make it through the night. She squeezes inside the tree, she’s just small enough to squeeze through the opening but once inside she has just enough room to curl up on the ground and try and keep warm. With Thunder crashing around her and the flashes of lightning around her she hides in the tree thanking the gods that this is only a thunder storm and not a spark storm. As time crawled by, she allows herself the escape to the safety of slumber.

Several hours later she awoke to the sound of birds chirping. As she opens her eyes and takes in her surroundings she realizes that the events of the following night weren’t a dream. She crawls out of the tree and steps into the warm light of the morning sun. Other than her memories of the night before and few a burnt tree from where they were struck by the lightning the was no sign of the storm. As she walks through the grove, the rays of sunlight reflect off of something nearby. As she goes to investigate she comes to find what she had tripped over the time before. Its a brilliant rod silver with a blue crystal attached to the top and four cords wrapped down the shaft. Taking it into her hands the top began to glow with energy. “This must be a STAG” She said to herself. She takes it with her and exits the grove.

As she exits the grove her head begins to split with the echo of a voice goes through her mind “Co.e f.nd m.”. “Who’s voice was that” she thought, then she remembered the dreams. “Come find me” as she said it out loud she the meaning came to her and she checked her arms. On her right arm was the tattoo of the Seeker stretched the entire length of her arm. Full of exhilaration and the immediate drive to start the search for the god that calls to her. “Wait, Avhaha you need to figure out where you are and get home before you can sent out on your search”. As she looks around there is a strong pulling towards the northwest. Trusting her instincts she heads northwest.

Her eyes explode open as an alarm is going off. The crystal upon the staff had turned red and begun pulsing. “Seven be my guide” She exclaims as she grabs her STAG. “How do i work this thing?” she mumbles as she starts fiddling with the STAG. As she unwinds the cords she discovers that there are pins attached to the ends of it. She stabs the rod into the ground, she began securing the cords to the ground around it. The spark storm began to approach with deadly speed. “I’m not going to finish setting it up in time. Faster, Faster i need to go faster!” Just as she was finishing setting up the STAG, the crystal atop the rod rows up into the air and electric energy emerged out of the crystal covered around the area of the STAG. She jumps inside of the STAG and moments later the spark storm began raining all hell around her. Burst of energy bombard the energy shielding her, but it appears that the STAG is going to hold up to the storm. After the storm passed the energy of the STAG faded and the crystal descended back on top of the staff. The blue energy was missing from the crystal, but she had survived the storm unharmed.

With the hint of morning light beginning to peek over the horizon she decided now was as good as any to head out. Four more hours into her traveling she see’s her town in the distant. With renewed vigor she begins running toward the town. A guard see’s her and calls out. Other villager turned to look in her direction and her parent emerged from around a building and began running towards her. “I’m home”

While she never did figure out how she got in that field she does tell her family of all the events that occurred, waking up in the field, the thunderstorm, the STAG, the dream, and the spark storm. They all knew what the dreams meant. She was a seeker and they were proud of her. Not only for surviving the whole ordeal, but also being able to her the call of god.