Bavarian travel journal + retirement thoughts + headland walks

Introverts unite, indeed! I wonder what makes one into an introvert? In my case it was a very disruptive childhood, which involved (up to this point) moving about 45 times. I counted. I didn’t have time to make friendships that would last. As soon as I made friends, we moved. So, though I became very good at making friends quickly, I also became used to giving them up. Now, I prefer to do things alone, but I don’t really feel alone. I prefer it. I LIKE being alone. My kids worry about me, but they needn’t. I like being able to choose when I spend time with people, and for how long. Sounds stuck up I suppose, but life forged this weirdo. I’m good. So, what do you think it is that makes certain people crave aloneness? The commune does sound very attractive, as long as we get to escape to our own abodes without explanation.

I was wondering…is your normal body temp low? Because mine is, and I get hot very easily. And get this…I am O-negative and that is supposed to make your temp a bit lower. And also, I have learned from YouTube, that I might also be an alien or from some master race. And that the government might be plotting against RH negatives😳. The things you “learn” from the internet. Well, like you, I just love the cool ocean breezes and temps that other people find chilly. Sleeping with a fan directly on me is divine. I totally get the whole overheating thing.

I wish I could tell of all of my adventures, but unfortunately, there are none. I cut down some willow around my pond today to donate to one lady that does deer rehab (mainly orphaned fawns) and for another one who does beaver rehab? They wanted forage for them, things that they will eat once they are released. ‘Bout killed myself cutting that willow. Back at it tomorrow. It’s a two-fer, because my young mallards are just learning to fly and the willows were blocking their landings. It will make it so they don’t crash while they get the hang of the landing. Supposed to be in the 90’s in Seattle this week😬. TOO HOT! Looking forward to more Miss Moss Missives!

Thank you for the gift of a Sunday post. I just returned home from a “Coffee with the Curator” talk with David Martin at the Cascadia Art Museum in my little town by Puget Sound. It was all about two amazing local women artists from the twentieth century, Yvonne Twining umber and Blanche Morgan Losey. David is a gifted speaker. He tells these wonderful stories of the lives of artists, full of detail and a little gossip-y, which add so much to viewing their work. I love to go to his “coffees” and look forward to them.

I am planning on a trip to the Shetland Islands next year with two dear friends. We will attend a workshop with the wonderful Traveling Bookbinder, Rachel Hazell. It’s such fun to plan a trip with people you love to spend time with and who are known great travelers. We just rub along so well together and have the same tastes, interests and share a deep curiosity of the world. Besides, we all get tired and want a coffee/tea break about the same time, too! What more could you ask for in travel companions?

Your Bavarian travel journal is another gem and is so inspiring. I have to cobble together a travel journal in the next few days for my annual visit to Nantucket to hang out with my bestie and looking at your sketches and watercolors just reaffirms my determination to do more sketching and painting in my journals from now on. Thanks for the gentle nudge.