Best gas mask for sale and emergency respirators – the prepared price of natural gas per 1000 cubic feet

It’s a simple reverse psychology trick. Since people take action to protect themselves, but are less likely to do it to protect others, governments tell people to wear masks — while letting people think it protects themselves — because if even 30% of people are prevented from unknowingly infecting others, that can be enough to turn the tide against the pandemic.

Although not 100% effective in all cases, a respirator can make a big difference. Both in normal illness, like the nasty 2018 flu season, and huge pandemics, like the 1918 spanish flu that killed 75 million people. Cost of gasoline in italy influenza hospital at camp funston, kansas in 1918. If you’re thinking “this picture is old, it won’t happen in modern times!”… think again. The same strain has popped up six times in the last ten years.

Many legitimate medical leaders are convinced that we’re in store for some seriously nasty pandemics in the next decades. One unexpected reason: climate change is thawing areas that have been frozen for millions of years, unearthing bacteria and viruses our bodies (and medical systems) have no idea how to handle. Low cost gas near me see more about these risks in rational reasons why people are preppers.

Avon C50 CBRN. $410. The civilian and law enforcement version of the new US military M50 gas mask. Very well reviewed and popular. You get what you pay for. While the military versions use a cool proprietary filter, the C50 uses the preferred 40mm mount on both cheeks. Distortion-free, flexible lens that won’t yellow. Nice range of accessories, like sun-blocking visor outserts. If you want the accessories, check out the $625 first responder kit. Average cost of gas per mile 2014 official specs.

3M 7800S first responder and 7800B CBRN. Similar story to the mestels. The $410 3M 7800B is CBRN certified (due to the butyl rubber seals), while the “civilian” $320 3M 7800S is not. Although the 7800S is technically not NBC or CBRN certified, since the 7800 masks are the only 3M masks that can use third party 40mm filters, you could pair any 40mm NBC filter with the 7800S and be fine in almost all NBC circumstances. We particularly included this mask because some people prefer more commonly found industrial equipment rather than the military gear. Plus it (usually) comes with 3M 701 adapters that turn 40mm threads into bayonet mounts — so you can run both CBRN filters and the industrial 3M cartridges you already have around for your half mask! 7800B spec sheet. 7800S spec sheet. Chemical protections.

MSA advantage 1000 CBA/RCA. $324. Not NBC — CBA/RCA refers to threats like riot control, a lessor tier of protection. Some preppers argue that if you pair it with an NBC filter, you’re fine. Average cost of diesel fuel in california that may be the case, but we don’t think it’s worth taking the chance, especially for the same cost. Uses proprietary filters, but has an adapter for 40mm mounts. Cost of gas in iceland the $290 advantage 4000 uses 40mm.

MSA millennium CBRN. Between $450 and $550. The first mask officially approved for the CBRN standard back in the early 2000’s, but seems outdated at this point. Decent reviews, but is often considered to be less of a good deal compared to the SGE or avons. Replaced the older (but still found among preppers) MSA MCU-2/P, which you should also skip. 40mm, but MSA mounting info is confusing. Cost of a gallon of gas in 1986 official page.

Honeywell sperian survivair opti-fit CBRN. $250. Given honeywell is an employee safety company, rather than a military/LE manufacturer, it makes sense that this mask seems to be built more for industrial use than emergencies. For example, the unusually large face visor is not flexible, and we don’t like some of the design choices. 40mm mounts. Made in USA. Official page.

Scott GSR (general service respirator) and scott FRR (first responder respirator). Difficult to buy online. The GSR is the current british military mask, replacing the old avon S10. Many soldiers prefer the old S10 and think the avon M50 should’ve been chosen, but the GSR won because of lower cost. The US military ended up choosing the M50 (the C50 civilian equivalent recommended above). The GSR uses proprietary and hard to find filters. The civilian FRR uses 40mm mounts. Calculate cost of gas official page.