If you’re someone who already knows about L shape beds but have been wondering if you should buy, this post is for you. For families, that have more than one kid and have been facing space issues in the bedroom too, you will also benefit from this article. Finally, for those who don’t know what an L-shape bed is, you will find this post beneficial. Product Name

I have said it over and over again, L shaped beds, bunk beds and loft beds are unique ways of making judicious use of space in the home. Nothing buttresses this point like the Deco 79 Twin over Full Bed. With 6 European Roller Guide drawers, you don’t have to worry about storage space for wears, toys and all those things kids love to keep.

On top is a twin size bed while the bottom is a full-size bed on casters.

The bottom bed can be completely detached from the unit. The reason I didn’t eventually buy this bed is, ironically, because of space. We don’t want something that one of the beds come out since this will reduce the severely limited space we are trying to expand which is the reason we are even considering L-shape beds and bunks.

For safety reasons, I don’t recommend metal beds for children below 12. But if you are looking for an metal L-shaped bed for your teenage kids, then the Zinus Twin over Twin L shaped bed is the way to go. Your kids will love its stylish and fun design. It comes with an attached desk. You can remove the bottom bed and place a chair next to the desk to turn the lower part to a workstation. Pros:

The most common l shaped beds you will see in stores are wooden. I’m not so sure about this but I think when it comes to beds people generally prefer wood. Wooden L shaped beds are made of hardwood materials like maple, pine, cherry and oak. One thing I like about wooden L shaped beds is that they are very easy to repair. You can also work on your bed to add an accessory or to remove the one you don’t like. For example, you may decide to separate an amazon bunk bed into standalone units. This is very easy to do with wooden L–shaped beds.

If it’s an L-shaped bunk or loft bed for kids, then high-enough rails must be provided to keep in children since children often roll around while sleeping. For a bunk L shaped bed, the top bed must be occupied by a child who is at least above six years. Children at that age are able to control themselves, to a certain degree, while sleeping. Younger kids should always occupy the bottom bed. When they fall it won’t be as bad as falling down from over 4 feet.

You should also check the sturdiness of the ladder leading to the upper bunk. Try and climb the first 2 steps. You will notice if it will hold well or not. Many L-shaped Bunk Beds now come with wooden staircase instead of a ladder. These are usually sturdier than ladders and they also serve other purposes as well. Drawers or shelves are often incorporated into the wooden staircase.

The space provided by the corner unit should only be used to store stuff that should be accessible to kids, like bedtime story books and light toys. If the corner unit hs shelves, children must not be allowed to climb it. Generally, kids should be discouraged from turning their beds to playing area. If, because of limited room space, the bedrooms also serve as the playroom, then they should be encouraged to use the extra floor space provided by the beds for playing and the beds for sleeping only. Painting:

There is usually a misconception about L shaped beds that they are meant for kids. If you’re someone who receives visitors regularly through the year or at a certain time of the year, then you might want to look into the space-saving feature of an L-shaped bed, especially if you are limited by the number of rooms to host your guests. Like I said above, L shaped beds come in different sizes and shapes. There are L-shaped full-size bunk beds that can accommodate a family of four conveniently. Special Features:

L shaped beds come with a lot of features to make them a worthwhile purchase. Some come with corner units to display decorative items or as storage space. Some L shaped Loft Beds come with study chairs and table that can hold your PC or laptop, bookshelves and drawers to keep books and valuables, wardrobes, trundle beds for extra sleeping space.

If you have a high number of people living in your household with a limited number of rooms, then you should consider using L Shaped Beds to make most out of your existing room space. For example, an L-shaped amazon bunk bed can accommodate up to 4 sleepers. This can be taken further by making use of another corner to accommodate another bed for additional users.

If I would be buying another L shaped bunk bed anytime soon, the first thing I’ll do is to visit my local furniture store. This gives me more advantages than if I was searching for them online. I can see how it will look in the bedroom, see the number of accessories that it will come with and decide immediately if it’s something I’ll be buying. The only ‘but’ is, local stores may not offer enough choices.

One of the websites that have huge collection of l shaped beds is Wayfair. They have some amazing offers for shoppers. First, you enjoy free shipping on stuff above $49 you buy there. There is also a paid protection plan that starts immediately your bed is delivered. It covers accidental damage like dents, rips, punctures, tears and a host of other unintentional damages.