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intrexon is addressing global challenges with precise control of biological systems across four major biology classes – Microbes, Plants, Animals, Human Cells – to protect our environment, promote health and feed the growing populations of humans and animals. We are driving innovation in new product development through the integration of our technologies and invite you to discover more in our most recent corporate presentation.

Precise Control of Gene Expression. At its core, intrexon is a gene expression and regulation company focused on precise control of a wide collection of cells and organisms. To date, we’ve worked in more than 50 different expression host species. We program cells’ genetic code to drive specific biofunction. We utilize the UltraVector ® DNA construction architecture to design and assemble genetic components into complex gene expression programs.

Our RheoSwitch ® technology for therapeutic applications, as well as, the Florian™ switch for use in plants are first-in-class proprietary molecular switches being used for regulation of gene expression and switching on and off traits (e.g. flowering control).

Design and Engineering of Biosystems. intrexon’s comprehensive knowledge of a broad range of biology classes combined with our bioinformatics and computational biology tools and expertise enables the discovery, generation, and validation of multiple routes for innovative product development. The application of these tools is exemplified in the development of high value production cell lines and microbial strains, including our methane bioconversion platform that has enabled upgrading natural gas to a variety of petrochemical fuel replacements, lubricants, and specialty chemicals via fermentation. This program required elucidation of the complete metabolic networks of the methanotroph, a previously unmapped bacterium that naturally consumes methane, to construct bioinformatic models allowing us to convert natural gas feedstock to valuable products at very high efficiencies.

Engineered Gene Function and Delivery. intrexon’s precision engineering capabilities are differentiated with respect to the controllable, multi-genic payload capacity of our gene programs. Our ability to control gene expression at specific cellular and subcellular locations can be modulated by both viral and non-viral methods depending on the requirements of the specific product. Our AdenoVerse™ platform includes a broad array of proprietary, adenovirus-based vectors for efficient gene delivery of therapeutics and molecular vaccines for human and animal health applications. We also employ non-viral gene delivery approaches in therapeutic programs like our chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy for cancer treatment, which enables engineering of patient cells in the clinical point-of-care setting for a more rapid administration of therapy. For larger payloads, we leverage the AttSite™ recombinase platform that allows us to establish a landing pad in transcriptionally active genomic locations and integrate a gene program with high fidelity at that specified location, ensuring stability and functionality of engineered cells.

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