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Errol is the F’n Man! Blue Flame IS the Best. F the Rest. Seriously. – I have recently completed a half sleeve with Koi and flowers, color on Black/Grey that took 4 sessions and about 7 hrs total. I am insanely satisfied with every aspect of my experience. This was my 1st tattoo and I wanted to go big. From talking with Errol over the designs, the outline, the shading, the color, the touch ups, it has been NOTHING but awesome. His artwork and patience is amazing. I’ve had friends that have gone elsewhere and are saying, "That’s it. No more." They had a crappy go with it. Well, I want more, and am already looking at other designs. Simply put, the quality of work and personality of everyone in that shop is absolutely wonderful.

Even people at the desk just conversing when you’re on a break. The shop itself is top notch, professional, cool, and damn even the bathrooms are clean! So if you are looking for a tattoo shop and are worried that you’ll find a bad place…..just stop looking and go to Blue Flame.

Ray is highly recommended – I got my first tattoo at the Blue Flame, from Ray. When I went into the shop the first time to inquire about getting a tattoo, the first guy I talked to was kind of rude, for whatever reason. The second guy I talked to was Ray, and as it turned out, his portfolio was also my favorite. Ray was great. It was a simple tattoo, but colorful, and I trusted him to make sure it was better than I could have imagined on my own. He did a lovely job, and he was a very personable guy. Later, he gave me a touch up and the tattoo looked better than ever.

Despite the rudeness of the first person I talked to, I still classify the Blue Flame as five stars. Several of my friends have gotten work done there by other artists (Christy and Mark), and it’s always been wonderful. Many different kinds of people were coming in out of the shop the couple of times I was in there, and none of them appeared to be receiving poor treatment based on arbitrary social distinctions. They made me feel comfortable and didn’t scoff at me or my tattoo idea. I will almost certainly be back.

Ink Newbie Has Brilliant Experience – Like you, I read reviews before deciding where to go in the triangle to get inked. I also looked at websites, and decided that several Blue Flame artists were doing imaginative, original work that didn’t all look like what you’d expect to see on the shoulder of someone’s biker dad. (Nothing against biker dads in general, I just didn’t want to end up looking like one myself – but I’m sure if that’s what *you* want, your needs would be well met at Blue Flame also; my point being, you can expect versatility.) So I went to the shop with a drawing, and was immediately told what was wrong with it. More than anything, I was embarrassed for not considering the technical limitations of putting ink into skin with relation to fine line drawing, but that’s besides the point. I was happy to be given sound, to the point advice. I came back a couple weeks later with a few rough sketches and yielded artistic control to Christy. Turned out to be a very, very good decision.

Nothing but Class – A very good tattoo shop indeed. If you want to go to other places that make (ask) you write reviews prior to departure; be my guest. Highly professional staff, and setting. They have private work stations, very clean, and a very good vibe. I just got some sick ink by Mark Van Ness; and is my fifth and by far my favorite. The artists will sit down with you, get feedback from you, and bounce their ideas off you as well. The latter was the first time I actually allowed that from an artist and was most pleased. I guess there is a reason why they are artists, I am not. The tattoo was custom, but came out better than I could have ever fathomed. FYI guys; this shop is busy, so make an appointment. Don’t have a meltdown if someone isn’t in your face in two seconds of you walking in the door. Besides which, an artist told me once; "Do you really want to get work done in a place that is completely dead?" Might have to wonder why there are no patrons. Just something to keep in mind. They have good prices as well. That is relative to the high quality of work and should be the last thing you think about honestly. A great shop though, and I hope that everyone there has as good of an experience there as I did. I already have plans to go back.

What a great experience – So I decided to get a piercing (or two) done and found Blue Flame. My initial contact was an email to Jason, the piercer, to get a feel for his experience. Jason responded quickly and was very informative. I followed this up with a phone call and ultimately decided to go in on Sunday. I got there and Jason remembered the email and phone call, was extremely friendly and immediately set out to help me relax.

The shop was very VERY clean, everybody was friendly and the piercing itself was virtually pain free. Jason spent a lot of time helping me to relax and just talking to both my husband and myself. He made sure I was comfortable with each step of the process and he worked at my speed. I would definately go back if I was going to have any other work done, piercing or tattoos. While I didn’t discuss any tattoo work while I was there, I did have a minute to watch the interaction with an artist and another client, and there was no pressure to hurry up, a lot of discussion and a very friendly, professional, attitude regarding the work to be performed.

Best tatttoo that I have gotten – I went to Blue Flame on Wed Feb 13 with my sister. She was going to get something added to her tatt and I decided to go ahead and get another one. This was my 9th and by far my best. I have been to an array of different places including one in raleigh that I dont think is open anymore Skin Scene in Dunn, Warlocks and Pair-A-Dice which was always my first choice until Monty the owner moved back to CO. The first guy I talked to I wasnt that impressed with just b/c he wasnt very friendly but we will let that slide b/c come to find out he had a headache so that was probably the reason. Christy did mine and I would recommend her to anyone. I am already considering going back and getting one of her original designs that she has posted in her room, and I said that I was stopping at I would highly recommend Blue Flame if you are a first time inker or someone that wants another and wants to go somewhere different, not only is the work good but the people are friendly, and the price is fair. Ohh yeah and they draw it themselves and then make the copy that goes on your body instead of just copying the design straight off the picture like some places do.. I have gotten tons of compliments on the one I have and people asking where I got it.. So if you are lookig for a place to get done if you are smart and want your monies worth go to Blue Flame.

Drive-Thru Tattoo service – I’ve never felt more ripped off in my life. Recently got a piece done on my arm and I almost regret this one- not because of location or what it is, but because of the inferior quality. The staff is unfriendly, I was overcharged (had a similar piece done the week before), the artist couldn’t have cared less, he slapped the stencil on my arm and started inking away. He was done in ten minutes. I felt like this was fast food tattooing, "how many can we get done in a day," as opposed to taking the time to make sure quality work is done. After all, it’s permanent.

I will never go back to Blue Flame, I will never recommend Blue Flame. If I had the ability to build a time machine, I would go back to the day and stop my self from going in the first place. Better yet, I’d go back to before Blue Flame existed, prevent them from opening the store, and save people from such shoddy work. Everyone I mention the place too has nothing good to say. It really is the Drive-Thru service of tattooing in Raleigh.

Best Tatto Experience in the past 14 years! – I have traveled around and always obtained my tattoos from multiple artist. My experience at Blue Flame was awesome. Ray and the rest of the staff are extremely professional and even offered me lunch half way through a 4 hour cover up. Ray exceeded all my expectations for the cover up and has won over my future business. I just went back for a second tattoo this morning and plan on another one next Sunday. I think that the atmosphere is ideal for individuals who understand the environment. If they are really busy, SET UP AN APPT! These guys are the best in the area and are extremely busy, so keep that in mind when you walk in the door. Trust me, it is worth the wait to get one of these artist to ink you up! I have a full back peice I have been considering for a few years, and after the great job Ray did on my cover up and my Kanji, he will definitely be my choice for hours of pain and great conversation. (He also has XM which rocks for long tats.)