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Saturday july 21st a great group of jeep riders gathered at the doe valley OHV area in windber, PA to show support for “ rocks for roses” an organized jeep trail ride with the goal of raising awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis. Awesome chest tattoos event organizer katelyn heinbaugh is a sweet young woman who along with her brother billy, has been battling and continue to battle cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine. Long-term issues include difficulty breathing and coughing up mucus as a result of frequent lung infections. There is no known cure for cystic fibrosis. As you can imagine, katelyn and billy have spent most of their lives in and out of the hospital and dealing with all this disease offers.

In comes the cystic fibrosis foundation with a main goal of driving research to make a difference for people living with cystic fibrosis. They are able to do this with drug development, clinical trials, and advocacy work. The foundation steps in and helps in every aspect of battling this disease, along with helping patients afford the massive medical bills.

Katelyn is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys trail riding with her fiancé rain, so it was pretty natural for her to organize a jeep trail ride that would support the cystic fibrosis foundation. Now in it’s 4th year, katelyn was hoping to meet her goal of raising $5,000 from this years event. We just got word she is at a little over $6,000 for the cystic fibrosis foundation. We are so happy to have ben able to show up and help support rocks for roses and we want to give a shout out to star brite (they are one of our sponsors for the ultimate biker makeover). Star brite stepped up and sent us a ton of garage products that jeep riders would enjoy. Katelyn was able to hand out awesome products like extreme clean, salt off, corrosion blocker, snap and zipper lubricant, water spot remover and the popular liquid electrical tape. (we heard that was in big demand with this jeep crew) thank you star brite for supporting katelyn and the cystic fibrosis foundation.

I am not easily impressed AND I have used a ton of products over the years but I am in LOVE with star brite’s xtreme clean product. Awesome lower back tattoos one of the products that my husband and I use a lot of and have not had great results with is degreaser. Between the both of us, we have 10 vehicles and 7 motorcycles! Yikes! Everything we have is vintage and my 1973 rallye challenger is the newest thing I own. When I bought my ’68 charger last year, I put the 4-speed in the carport because I didn’t want to deal with cleaning the years of oil and grease off of it. One day after cleaning two oil pans with xtreme clean and getting unbelievable results with very little effort, I decided to tackle it. OMG, my husband couldn’t believe the difference when he came home!

Xtreme clean is non-caustic and non-acidic, with no harsh odor and it takes very little water to wash the product off. The trigger on the bottle allows for an easily maintained two-finger squeeze and it can be sprayed upside down. The greatest thing about it is, of course, the amazing way it tackles grease and dirt. Just spray it on, distribute with a brush, cloth or sponge and allow it to work for 15-20 seconds and then rinse off. You can actually see the dirt lifting while you are waiting to rinse the product off!

I first removed the rust from my spartan springer with a masterpro refinishing scuffing pad. I only worked on the frontend for about 30 minutes and the pad did a great job. Awesome foot tattoos for guys I then washed the entire bike with xtreme clean. Once the bike was dry, I applied star brite ultimate bike guard to all of the metal, including the exhaust pipes, tank, fender, seat pan and other misc. Chrome pieces. Bike guard is a detailer and protectant that you just wipe on and wipe off, plus it smells AWESOME! It leaves a mirror-like shine and has protective polymers that repel UV rays, so it’s like sunscreen for my bike.

I then used star brite xtreme protectant on the tires and it made them shine. Since I only have a small piece of leather on my seat pan, I did not put the protectant there as I learned my lesson when I put it on the dirt bike seats; it made them super slippery! I can’t wait to use this on the interior of my cars though. It also smells really nice and has UV protection and is anti-static so it repels dirt.

After I got finished with that, I applied star brite corrosion blocker to my springer. The springer is raw and has to be protected and what I’ve been using doesn’t seem to last. The corrosion blocker actually bonds to the metal and forms a protective barrier that is clear. I try not to get caught out in rain, but sometimes it happens. The corrosion blocker dries quickly and if you apply too much, just wipe off the excess. It is like a clear coat for my springer. I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with these star brite products and my panhead has never looked better! Looking for a way to carry only what you need?

Talented fabricator joe mielke keeps the FXR love going strong as this is the sixth year for his FXR dyna show. Joe’s been doing this event pretty much as grass roots as you can, and he has had much success because, hell everyone loves FXR’s now. Over 100 FXR and dyna motorcycles are expected to show up to the sturgis buffalo chip. One of the coolest parts about this show, is instead of joe making trophy’s he’s been able to gain support with some of the best manufacturers in the industry and is able to grace the winners with quality motorcycle parts and merchandise. Awesome tattoo sayings for guys the garage builders really dig this part as it gives them a starting point to another build.

“to many FXR riders, the FXR never went away, however, FXR fans both new and old are riding a new wave of popularity that continues to swell,” said joe mielke, show organizer. “the buffalo chip provides a great place for this event with all of their resources. We draw a lot of people who are there just to hang out and talk motorcycles. Come early and stay late for all the entertainment the buffalo chip has to offer. Most interesting tattoos ever it’s a great fit.”

During the show, a raffle is held with all proceeds donated directly to lifescape of south dakota, formerly known as children’s care hospital and school of south dakota. New this year, paughco has donated a frame, tank and swingarm, the basis for an FXR project. Additional parts are being gathered to create a roller. The FXR roller will have its own dedicated raffle tickets.

There is a clear and present danger in today’s traffic environment: only about half of all car and truck drivers use turn signals. Whether due to drivers being distracted or careless, motorist-to-motorist “communication” is at an all-time low. A study conducted by response insurance found that 57 percent of drivers admitted they do not use their turn signal when changing lanes. Their reasons:

Similarly, a 2012 observational study published by the society of automotive engineers found that 48 percent of drivers did not use their turn signals while changing lanes and 25 percent of drivers did not use signals when making turns at intersections. SAE estimated this neglect causes roughly two million crashes each year. Along with this behavior, drivers also do not always look over their shoulders or glance at their mirrors before changing lanes. These combined inactions threaten all roadway users, especially motorcyclists, who are more vulnerable to unexpected intrusions into their path of travel than car or truck drivers, since they lack the four-wheelers’ thousands of pounds of protective structure. “using turn signals is one of the most basic rules of the road, as it connotes respect and cooperation, and is the primary method of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Drivers need to take driving seriously and pay attention to the traffic environment,” said dr. Best female lower back tattoos ray ochs, vice president of training systems at the motorcycle safety foundation.

To that end, dr. Ochs said MSF is calling on car and truck drivers to make a renewed effort to consistently use their turn signals during motorcycle awareness month this may, in the hope that this will become an ingrained habit. Ochs added, “this could lead to more alert, more responsible, and safer motoring on american roads.” serious motorists know that safe driving is built upon a host of small acts – using signals, looking over one’s shoulder before changing lanes, maintaining an appropriate following distance, keeping right except to pass, alternating the merge when two lanes become one, using a speed appropriate for conditions, and more.Sustaining these small tasks helps support the higher-level tasks of driving, such as controlling the placement of the vehicle on the road and within the traffic mix, identifying risks, making split-second decisions and being able to execute the proper action (braking, swerving, etc.) in emergency situations, passing safely and correctly, and more. As such, turn signal use can be thought of as a kind of barometer of safe, cooperative motoring.

The motorcycle safety foundation promotes safety through rider training and education, operator licensing tests, and public information programs. The MSF works with the federal government, state agencies, the military and others to offer training for all skill levels so riders can enjoy a lifetime of safe, responsible motorcycling. Visit msf-usa.Org to learn more MOTOCHAT LAUNCHES WORLDWIDE INNOVATION FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL

We recently stumbled across this website while doing some work with our friends over at biker city guide. We were of course saddened at first, but soon realized what an amazing thing this group is doing, offering comfort at a parents most devastating experience, the comfort of a beautiful burial outfit to lay their sweet angel to rest. Little angel gowns is a charitable organization that transforms donated wedding gowns into beautiful infant burial attire. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered the loss of a baby or perhaps even endured this pain themselves.

Founded in indianapolis four years ago by marie murphy, a career NICU nurse, who observed firsthand a very sad need – appropriate burial garments for infants who do not survive. The devastating loss of their baby was compounded with the realization that no suitable garments were available for their precious child’s final journey. Following research and consultations, simple designs were adapted to address the specific challenges and requirements of medical and burial professionals. By transforming donated wedding gowns, beautiful yet practical burial gowns and infant pockets for the tiniest babies, were created to fill the need. Really cool tattoo designs through a network of dedicated volunteer seamstresses across the united states ‘dream gowns…become angel gowns.’

This is the part that we like best; these beautiful little garments are provided as a gift to the grieving family. There is never a charge! Little angel gowns are suitable for infants from one pound to approximately 13 pounds. For infants, too small for a gown, they offer a specially designed pocket that best accommodates their size. They have available gowns for girls, unisex, and small boys; a modified tuxedo design is available for boys three pounds to 13 pounds. Also available are matching or compatible outfits for multiple births. Each gift is individually packaged and includes a matching cap and keepsake heart memento for the parents.