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We hear people say all the time that we have the same 24 hours in a day as someone with a HUGE empire, like Oprah. Technically, yes… it’s true, but they’re missing the fact that Oprah has a massive team supporting her and executing her business every step of the way – a luxury that we, as small business owners, don’t have. However, there is a way to make it a little more manageable.

The first instinct when hiring for your team is to start looking outward for someone to fill in the holes within your company. However, before this happens, I strongly encourage you to begin by looking inward at your current staff. Specifically, I encourage you to look at two major areas – your personal weaknesses and where you are wasting the most time.

Identifying your weaknesses: This is necessary to hiring the best fit for your team. If you hire someone with exactly the same strengths as you, you’re no better off than you were before hiring. The key is to find someone who has strengths where you have weaknesses. A great way to learn more about your personal strengths and weaknesses is by taking a personality test. I absolutely love the DISC and Enneagram assessments. Whichever you end up choosing, remember to keep an eye on your personality’s typical struggles, and identify the opposite type of personality to consider hiring.

Time-Tracking: Where do you waste the most time throughout your work day? If you don’t already, make the extra effort to jot down what you are doing and how long it takes you for one week. This task should lead you to big insights into your personal time management! Once you have a better idea of where you need help on a daily basis, the better you will be able to assess what to look for in a right-hand employee. This is key to a successful employer-employee relationship.

Fast forward to today (6+ years later), and Amanda is now taking on full events with little to no guidance from me, and we are currently training up another assistant to work under her. Trust, time, and mutual respect is what has gotten us to this point. We have invested in one another and she knows I have her back every.step.of.the.way, and vice versa!

Amanda is the right combination of moxie meets brains, and is thick-skinned and energetic enough to keep up with me. I trust her 100%. Aside from Amanda just being an amazing person, our personality traits are perfectly compatible. Looking at our DISC test scores side-by-side, you can get a sense for why we make a perfect match. I am an extremely high DI personality, while Amanda is much more even across the board with her scores. This is what professional compatibility looks like, my friends!

We’re beginning a new 5-week series with a special guest today! Jenn Ederer of Modern Day Events and Floral and Modern Day Creative will join us over the next 5 Wednesdays to share her expertise related to large scale event design and building a strong team. If you missed her BB Podcast interview, you may want to take time to listen to it and familiarize yourself with her story before diving into her blog series. Sometimes it’s more fun to read blog posts when you can hear the writer’s voice in the written words. If you want to listen first, click here. Otherwise, dig in and enjoy the series!

I originally started as a retail florist after years of “playing with flowers” but it was only after one year of owning Modern Day Floral that I caught the wedding bug. However, what I quickly realized was that although I loved designing flowers, it was also the relationships I formed with my couples and their families which ignited a fire in my belly. Now after nearly thirteen years, numerous mistakes and a handful of beautiful successes, Modern Day Events and Floral has blossomed into a seven figure full service wedding and event design, planning, and floral boutique lovingly supported by an invaluable team of eight full time employees, and a host of freelance designers and college interns.

During this 5 week series, I’ll be covering topics like growing and leading a team, sales and marketing, organization and creating a system. I will also share how I approach designing five and six-figure budget events, along with my favorite resources to help make it all come together seamlessly for you. I’d love to help you find your place in this competitive market, whatever that may look like for you. Each of you has a unique skill set – so the key is to hone in on what makes you special and unique. It’s not about what others are doing, but instead about what unique perspectives you can bring to the table. It’s about embracing who you are and loving what makes you, YOU.

This book changed the way I think about getting things done in my business and how I approach life. You will discover why less is sometimes actually more and you will learn to be ruthless in cutting away things that aren’t essential. I understand if you’re skeptical – I was, too. Believe me, though, Greg’s approach will give you the clarity you need to pursue what REALLY matters and forget the rest. Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability, Ted Talk

If you are not one of the 34,001,341 million people who has listened to this talk (actually, even if you have), I HIGHLY encourage you to take the 20 minutes to listen! Brené shares about the power of connection, being seen, and being vulnerable in a way that completely altered my life after I heard it for the first time. I promise that if you haven’t already, you will fall in love with her. Not to mention, Oprah loves her too, so you know she’s got to be good! Blinkist App

I view Blinkist as my “try it before you buy it” app. I don’t know about you, but I have stacks of books that I never get around to finishing for a multitude of reasons. With the Blinkist app, you’re able to get a 15-20 minute taste of the books you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the time for, before officially diving into reading the book in its entirety.

What I love about this test is that the results are very work-focused. The outcome helps you understand how you work with others best – whether that be in a leadership position, while taking orders, etc. It teaches your employees how best to communicate with one another, based on different personality types. For my staff, this was an eye-opening experience for sure! Essential Enneagram Personality Test

This is the amazing online tool we use to create our 2D & 3D event design rendering boards for our clients. It’s super easy to use, looks incredibly professional , and you don’t have to be a trained graphic designer to use it. We love how visual this program is, and our clients love that they can see their design come to life before their eyes long before the actual event takes place. Design Seeds

I just love this program! I mostly use it when I’m trying to match colors to an already-designed space, but there is so much more it can do. It features a full library of all Pantone colors, which comes in super handy. I love that this program can extract a Pantone color code from an image on your phone or computer. You can also mix and test colors to see them used together in graphics, interiors, and 3D designs before you jump in with both feet.