Calvin’s canadian cave of coolness the death of superman (2018)

I spent the last two weeks of my life thinking about nothing but comic books. I will write more on that later but when this one started I found myself right back in the world of heroes and villains. I like the clear line. I know who to root for. The Death of Superman is based on the famous comic book story from the 90s where Doomsday kills The Man of Steel. Of course we all knew he would come back to life as all comic book heroes do. That death should mean something in the context of the life Superman is living at the time. And yes, the movie does lay it on a bit thick with Clark Kent dating Lois Lane (?) and him about to reveal to her that he is Superman but I liked that. It makes the emotional punch of his death seem all the more devasting.

To contemplate the loss of Superman is overwhelming. I know this story inside and out and even I got choked up at places. A triumph for DC Animation. There are so many spoilers that you just might want to stop reading here until you have seen the movie. It’s so good that it would make family movie night a big hit unless you have little ones – THEY will fill their diapers and be forever changed by the random cruelty of Doomsday and those scenes are intense. But they have to learn their mythology some time and this is superhero mythology of the best kind. And it’s only HALF the story. Part Two – The Return of Superman is out next year. And let’s all be honest. The DEATH of Superman is not as interesting and his RETURN. This one is better than the comic book because the comic book at many many issues to read to get the complete story. Someone made this film with love. It’s the equal of Infinity War. Have I ever steered you wrong? Take a chance. Change your life. Enjoy.

I forever stand vigilant to protect this planet from the myriad of forces that are always against us. Be it the octopus, zombies, aliens or the robots my team of human agents, and our feline allies, circle the globe in a never ending struggle for human freedom. I learn all I can on every subject that interests me. I especially enjoy ancient history because in the past there are valuable lessons to be found. Also, if I ever get my time machine to work properly, it would be good to know a bit about possible destinations and what to expect when I get there. I greatly appreciate beautiful design. Be it manufactured or found naturally I am fascinated by the process of invention. I am attracted to the unique, the strange, the haunted. I like to share what I find on this blog. And not let us forget the ‘Cephalopod Menace’ who, if allowed to, would wrap their tentacles around all that is good and pure in this life and crush it until it remained no more. They are creatures of pure spite. Hate is all they know. Death is all they do. They are our most ruthless and determined enemy. So we fight. Selena has the celebrity contacts, the cat is ruthless and without pity, Roosevelt’s ghost has the experience and I do the wetwork. Fighting for the future of the planet doesn’t have to be a chore, however. We can take the time to appreciate all that is cool in this world even as we cut the octopus into bite sized chunks. This is the reason there has always been and must forever be, a Cave of Cool. Be sure to wipe your feet before you enter.