Cancer faqs – the miracle enzyme serrapeptase

1) Can she continue taking flaxseed oil-quark combination from Budwig’s guide? She says: After many years of clinical research, Dr. Budwig found that by combining flaxseed oil with the sulphurated amino acids found in cottage cheese – the flaxseed oil would become water-soluble, and immediately available for use by the body’s cells? I really do not know.

Q: I have a good friend that has finished radiation and is on a continuous feeding bag 24/7 and he had throat cancer. He has trouble with swallowing and I want to get AllClear for him because the doctor says the cancer has spread to his lungs and liver and says his only chance is Chemo or he has only six months. The radiation nearly killed him, couldn’t eat or keep anything down. They hospitalized him and put him on feeding and returned him home.

He doesn’t want Chemo but wants to live he is 81 years old, but seems very strong and is continually gaining weight. I am trying to get him on a long term lifestyle change but he needs something immediately. What do you recommend? I want to order by Wednesday morning. We live in San Diego County, California.

My doctor advised I continue taking curcumin. I had breast cancer diagnosed in May 2007, then had laser light (PDT) therapy by the Physicist who invented the process which killed the cancer cells leaving the lump still there. She is the one advising I continue the curcumin, as well as serrapeptase. Previously you advised 5 capsules x 4 times a day of Curcuminx4000 that “will stop and clear any cancer cells”. I like that! Has there been an update in the Curcuminx4000 so that 1 or 2 capsules contain the same amount of Curcumin so I don’t have to take 5 each, 4 times a day? Looking forward to hearing from you again.

• STOP all during recovery, all, starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products. Once you have regained pH then cheating occasionally is normal. You will notice how bad you felt in the past from just one meal of these. Try to stick to only whole grains or brown rice if you do cheat on your health.

If you have serious health issues then you can start with lying on your back and cycling your legs in the air as this will improve circulation to your organs, legs and take the pressure of your heart and lungs when exercising. Get someone to hold your feet to get you started. Blood is the bringer of life and health and it only circulates when you’re moving.

Q: I was diagnosed with ductal and infiltrating breast cancer. Double mastectomy and chemo in 2008. I was then on Tamoxifen and in the last year switched to Femara, a aromatase inhibitor therapy with one more year to go. Unfortunately, my side effects are not just joint pain but it’s also affected my right wrist and joint becoming inflamed, with swollen tenosynovial symptoms and an increase of pain. I am on one month washout period to resume, can I take serrapeptase with my med?

Q: I take a lot of supplements, minerals, and digestive enzymes. In addition I take Immodium for diarrhea and Doxycycline for an infection. Do you know if anything will inhibit the absorption of Serra enzymes? I’m being treated for breast cancer with L.E.I.S.H. laser treatment. The doctor gives you enzymes to break down the dead cancer tissue. She says I should be seeing small white specks in my urine by now and I am not. She told me to contact you regarding absorption of the enzyme.

Q: My husband has esophageal cancer and strictures/scar tissue with almost complete occlusion. We are very interested in Serrapeptase and it’s ability to diminish scar tissue. However he is on a liquid diet and cannot swallow capsules or tablets so we have to crush tablets, empty capsules and mix in water so he can swallow them. I’m concerned with the potency/stomach acid issue and if there are any adverse side effects to take Serrapeptase in this manner? Thank you for your information.

Q: I had bladder cancer 4 years ago and at a recent cystopcopy two red patches were evident. I have been in hospital for a biopsy and diathermy. I have been taking serrapeptase for a while but stopped for a few weeks because of a couple of duodenum ulcers and advised that the serrapeptase may cause discomfort. I am keen to start taking serrapeptase again but wonder if they would affect the bladder in a similar way to ulcers which may contain some scar tissue from my recent biopsy?

I use turmeric after having read how it helps with tumor reduction etc (I am stage 4 breast cancer in liver and bone) and have read that one needs to take curcumin with black pepper emulsified in oil (and heated) to aid uptake. If you don’t heat it first in oil (the turmeric and black pepper together) then the uptake is almost nothing, if you do heat/emulsify with pepper then you get 1000 times more uptake. That is to say it is better to cook with it rather than just take the supplement. I get this from Dr Richard Béliveau the Montreal doctor researching anti-cancer foods (his books about cooking with the food).

A competitive product website makes this comment: “Some manufacturers use ‘enteric coated’ enzyme in a non-enteric coated capsule. This is not as effective as using an enteric coated capsule as some of the enzyme will be denatured by stomach acid. [Product Name’s] enteric coated capsule ensures that the entire enzyme is delivered to the small intestine for maximum absorption.”

My friend’s conditions are far more severe. How do you recommend she does the serrapeptase (if it’s safe)? Your staff thought starting at 9 per day. Do you think she could get as low as 1 per day maintenance – or more? How quickly should she adjust the dose downward? Do you lower the dose until you feel pain again, then raise it by one capsule?

This is sometimes referred to as the caveman diet as it does not have any processed food. This is extracted from my book and I am developing a new website: where we plan to post menus, meal ideas and food lists from the list below. It will be completely finished in a few weeks and so keep checking it for changes.

A: I am surprised that you would take anything in your condition without a. asking or b. starting at the least dose and slowly building up. Your previous problems and existing ones show that you have to take the most critical care of what and how you put it in your mouth. This is not a side effect of serrapeptase, it is a typical response to an overload on a dysfunctional digestive tract.

Thanks for sending me this information. My father was diagnosed with Epithelioid Mesothelioma Cancer. Do you think this stuff will help? At the moment I will get anything that could help him. It’s just the hospitals and doctors say nothing can help. My dad has always eaten a very good diet and drinks plenty of water but is losing weight. Thanks.

Q: I was diagnosed with breast cancer (dcis) over 6 yrs ago. I declined any of the standard treatments as I don’t believe in them any longer. I have always had a rather clean diet, use local foods whenever possible, etc. I still have a lump in my breast even though I feel super healthy. I have been considering the Curcumin with Serraenzyme. I would love your advice about how to proceed.

A: I am glad you declined the medical treatment. Some may call you brave but I call you wise. The brave ones are the ones who go ahead and have the unproved slash, burn and poison treatments and put their trust in drug companies that are continually being fined for their fraud and bribery of doctors. Even today I am just reading a full page article in the Sunday Times about the medical scientific fraud.