Carnethy hill running club awesome angel tattoos for guys

I have been doing the foxlake winter series events for a while now for many reasons. The full winter series comprises of 6 races ranging in length from 10km to half marathon (there is also a 5km series) across three different venues. They are wonderful events – lovely routes and so well organised but above all: a lot of fun. I have made so many friends doing these events and love catching up with everyone at each event!

Last weekend the second race in the series took place on the friday evening…the night 10km. This is one of the most popular events in the series and had a waiting list in excess of 100 which is unbelievable for a relatively small event. Mens half sleeve tattoos black and grey this event always falls in the same week as the east lothian saltire festival and this year it happened to fall on st andrew’s day.

This means….Saltire themed face paints and a chance to air the mini kilt! Great fun altogether! The route is two loops of a 5km route (more on that later!) and started at 8pm.

Friday was an exceptionally bad day weather wise…really wet and miserable and the course was a little “muddier” than in previous years. More mud = more fun in my view and at least you know you have done something when you finish caked in mud! I had a good run this year and managed to beat the boys (I was a little lucky with a few notable omissions from the start line that would usually have destroyed me along with a few that were recovering from the dreaded manflu) for first time at foxlake. Chris boustred was third male. Other good performances from carnethy included kirsty mcbirnie narrowly missing the podium in fourth place with ali wylie in fifth, jeremy milne, mark hardy and clare mcdonnell.

Next came saturday! The nocturnal ultra – this is the second year that foxlake have held this event. The format was essentially as many loops of a 5km course (the same route from the previous evening) in a six hour period from 4pm to 10pm. At 10pm a firework would go off signalling the finish but at this stage you were to finish the lap you were on as the fireworks commenced. Lower back tattoo designs for females there were also relay teams of three in the event…taking it in turns to try and fit in as many loops of the 5km route as possible. Absolute madness and I swore last year I would never do again…and yet I entered!

A combination of wet conditions in the previous few days and the race the evening before meant that the course was extremely muddy…a week later and I think I still have mud on my legs! But the running conditions otherwise were ideal…relatively mild for this time of year and dry and calm. Rachel normand, matthew curry and david hanna were also running so I knew it was going to be a good field …and it was. The four of us took the top four positions in a superb carnethy display! All of us completing 14 laps! I finished lap 14 with 100 seconds to spare…with the decision to make of heading out for lap 15….NO WAY! 14 + 2 laps was more than enough for me.

It was hard going and the looped nature and an overall time limit completely changed how the race felt. Really small tattoo designs it wasn’t really about how many miles into the race you were…but rather how much time to go and you were fully aware that you were in control of the ability to finish whenever you felt like it! So much more of a mental battle than “normal” ultras.

Having the relay speedsters whizz past you through the event was occasionally soul destroying, especially near the end when you felt like barely moving yourself. But it was such fun going through the party tent after each loop to cheers from everyone supporting/waiting their turn in the relay. The rave barn on the route was brilliant fun and definitely kept me going as something to look forward to on each loop (what tune would the DJ be playing?!!). Foxlake as ever nailed the organisation and put on a fantastic and fun event – but I mean it when say that I am done with that 5km loop!!

Special thanks also to ross henderson for supporting rachel and I and keeping us well hydrated! Active root provided the drinks for all the events over weekend as well as some of the prizes…and even managed to pick up third male team prize on saturday! Matt from improve my running sponsors these events and was there both evenings supporting and giving fantastic spot prizes of sessions at improve my running… I think the ladies podium shows the benefits of getting sessions with him!

“the yorkshire wolds are low hills in the counties of the east riding of yorkshire and north yorkshire in north-eastern england. Most of the area takes the form of an elevated, gently rolling plateau, cut by numerous deep, steep-sided, flat-bottomed valleys of glacial origin. 40 awesome hand tattoos the chalk formation of the hills provides exceptionally good drainage, with the result that most of these valleys are dry; indeed, surface water is quite scarce throughout the wolds. Typically the valleys are hard to see from above, creating the visual impression that the landscape is much flatter than is actually the case. The unusual topography results in an “upside-down” farming system – livestock (mostly sheep and cows) graze the valleys, with the hills above used for crops” (wikipedia).

All competitors had 24 hours to complete the 81 miles and the start time of 8.00am meant that everyone would be running the latter stages of the race in the dark when the legs were tired and the brain fuddled. I had no experience of the route and had never been to this part of england before, so it would be a totally new experience and I was looking forward to experiencing dry valleys…

I met up with john ryan at the race start under the mighty humber bridge. Both of us were feeling decidedly under-prepared having peaked earlier in the season in different events and had been on very long tapers ever since. For me this was double the distance I had run in any one go this year, so it was going to be by far my biggest challenge for 2018. Cool guy tattoos tumblr it was pretty easy running to start with and I managed to keep up with john for the first 13 miles, but then watched him gradually pull away into the distance. Between 20 and 33 miles I really struggled and my pace slowed dramatically. My vague race plan had been to try and get as far as I could in daylight then hang on to the end in the darkness, but having gone off too fast at the start this now seemed like a bad idea. However I was still enjoying the route, with the changing scenery, autumn colours and of course the dry valleys:

The weather had also was perfect for running: about 9 degrees, cloudy with a gentle breeze. After reaching the millington checkpoint (33 miles) I managed to get my race legs going again and got some good chat with fellow runners on route. Total darkness finally fell as we reached the deserted medieval village of wharram percy at the bottom of a secluded dry valley (49 miles). Lower back tattoo designs with names the village ruins had been adorned with fairy lights and monastical music, which made it all very un-spooky. It now started raining which it would do on and off for the remainder of the race, but it was never heavy or persistent. The main difference was now having to concentrate really hard on spotting the route signs and not doing any extra miles in error. The yorkshire wolds way national trail is generally well sign posted and the harvey map of the route is very clear, but there are frequent twists and turns, and innumerable gates, hedges, woods, fields, farms, minor roads, etc. So you daren’t relax. Having an extra pair of eyes helped, so I ran pretty much ran all of the last 23 miles with a lad from pocklington who had experience of the route, but I still frequently stopped to check the map (just in case we missed a sign-post). Despite being well-drained, a lot of recent rain meant there was a fair amount of mud around which was either hard-packed, loose-sandy, sticky, or slidy and you were never quite sure which variety you would encounter next. I managed to remain upright the whole way apart from, when in the dark my foot clipped a rabbit hole and fell flat on my face. Finally reaching the bright lights of filey was a relief upon which we ran up the seafront to file brig (official end of the wolds way and final checkpoint) and back down through the town to the finish at the sea cadets hall. Awesome men tattoos I met john on the way up to the brig (he was on his way down). We were well looked after at the finish with hot food and drinks (my other half eleanor mackenzie had been roped into helping out serve tired runners in the sea cadet hall). Not really knowing what to expect I was very happy with finishing just before midnight, in less than 16 hours and well up the field.

In first place overall and over 40 mins ahead of the field was cees van der land (tyne bridge harriers and the netherlands) in 12:23, and first lady was helen pickford (sheffield RC) in 15:46. First shire (14 stone+) was jay morfoot in 15:39. John ryan was first carnethy in 15:38 (15 th overall) with phil humphries 15:53 (20th overall) and gordon macculloch 18:43 (58 th overall). 177 out of 203 starters finished the race.

John and I ran unsupported as I think the majority of runners did (you could do this race with or without a motorized support crew). We were allowed 2 drop bags at 33 and 57 miles, and there were also another 4 checkpoints with food and water on route. I had never done a “hardmoors” race before, but I was very impressed with the efficient organisation, yet friendly low-key feel to the race, so I suspect I will be back for another one of their events in the future.