Catch of the day – 7 ‘reel-y’ great places to go sea fishing – lostwaldo

Sea fishing is becoming increasingly popular, whether it’s from the shore or by boat. Sea fishing differs in that there are more factors affecting your success such as weather fronts, tides, light, seasons and features such as seaweed and varying water depths. There are some amazing habitats out there and whole oceans of countless fish varieties to discover. Here are some of the best spots around the world: #1 Key West, Florida

Any angler worth his salt knows why Key West makes it onto this list. Sitting in the middle of prime fishing ground, you’ll discover reefs, sparkling clear water and stunning surroundings. Fishing is what makes this place tick so there’s no shortage of guides and charters to take you out onto the sea. What to do when you’re not fishing?

Sample all the glorious, fresh sea food on offer here, of course. Key West offers year-round fishing, even when the seas get a bit rougher in winter, there’s tarpon to be found in the harbor.

There is no long trek out into open waters at this destination. Great catches happen only a couple miles from shore, including dorado, marlin, wahoo, tuna and sailfish. You can fish here any time of year and there are many charter fleets available. The beaches are protected by the stunning Land’s End with water sports being another top attraction here. Some people here will boast that Cabo offers the best sportfishing in the world, with incredibly fertile waters and the good chance of catching a much bigger than expected fish!

It might be chillier than heading to Mexico so why would you fish here? Because the biggest world-record bluefin tuna was caught here in 1979, weighing a colossal 1,496 pounds! If size matters to you, you’ve got more chance catching a whopper in these waters, with fish regularly exceeding 1000 pounds and averaging around 800. The fishing takes place near to port and most boats come with fighting chairs unless you prefer to encounter a stand-up battle! There is a catch and release policy in operation on these waters and the season runs from August through October.

There has got to be something special about a place that can boast winning the one-day World Cup Blue Marlin Championship eight times. Two of the biggest fish ever caught in that competition, which has been running for nearly 30 years, were caught in Bermuda. It’s not just blue marlin that’s fished here, other species include white marlin, tuna and wahoo. The best time for big ones is June through August. Of course, you’ll also get to enjoy the fabulous beaches, diving, snorkeling and 5-star resorts as well!

If you can handle the humid, jungle heat then there’s some awesome fishing to be had in Belize. There are, simply, huge numbers of fish in Belize waters including tarpon and bonefish. Schools of fish in their hundreds are not uncommon here. The marine areas are fiercely conserved, resulting in their beautiful pristine condition. Only a short hop from most U.S cities and with English as a main language, there are numerous resorts geared up to serve anglers with year-round fishing so you’ll feel right at home.

These waters see some serious action when the season gets going. It may be a short season compared to most but what it loses in time, it makes up for in action. Hundreds of fish packed so tightly together that they bump the hulls. Helped by the massive schools of anchovies, bass are a-plenty. You’ll also see fluke and bluefish vying for space in this frenzied action-packed location. The surroundings aren’t too shabby either, with a lighthouse and scenic cliff faces. The best time to head there is September through November, with early fall providing the best bet.

The flats around the Bahamas are ideally located not too far from the U.S for some great flats fishing. You’ll discover some pretty big bonefish here too with the highest numbers of fish found around Grand Bahamas Flats and the shallow waters of Long Island. Feel right at home in this Caribbean paradise as English is the main language spoken and there are countless fishing lodges to choose from, geared towards every angler’s needs. The best time for flats fishing is anytime between March and June, any later than this and you’re dangerously close to hurricane season setting in.