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Remembering the legacy of the frisco and night hawk – eater austin

The Night Hawk and Frisco’s legendary history illustrates the character of founder Harry Akin, stories of desegregation, and even a few celebrity brushes. The tales come from R. Harry Akin, the restaurant’s current owner, nephew of founder Harry Akin, and

Serviz consumer protection plan – home services on-demand

2. Eligibility Requirements. In addition, to the eligibility requirements identified above, to pursue a claim under the Protection Plan, you must be (a) in full compliance with the SERVIZ Consumer Terms, (b) you must be at least 18 years of

Icymi why everyone loves lauralee bell soap opera digest

Gina Tognoni (Phyllis): “Lauralee is so bright! When I’ve had the pleasure of chatting and connecting with her in between scenes, she always brings so much to the conversation. On the professional front, she is just that and more. She

The best cast-iron skillets you can buy in 2018 • gear patrol

Re-embracing craftsmanship. A righteous exodus from the flimsy and mass-produced. A feedback loop of hipsters following each other’s tails. Call it what you will, one of the biggest stories in the wide world of products is the surge of the

My manner of life

On June 8, I let my employer know I must be off July 1-15 for General Convention. But there are rules. I lacked seniority. I was offered the "choice" of resigning or being fired because of my insistence on serving

These 3 dads starting showing off about their sons. but what this 4th dad says is shocking.

“Today my little son aged three was sitting with me on the sofa, when a crow was sitting on the window. My Son asked me 23 times what it was, and I replied to him all 23 times that it

Prey nation metal hottest music straight from satan!!!!

The music is an amazing element that helps you enjoy a specific moment. Dinner cruises are very common these days. It’s not only the couples that go on these cruises but there are many people that go with their friends

How to clean brass – a beautiful mess

As someone that loves finding treasures at vintage stores and flea markets, I end up doing a lot of internet searching when I bring things home to answer questions about how to repair, fix, clean, or hang something. I had

Mostly drawing daily sketching from life, based in bath, uk

• Gouache is great for creating large pieces of urban scenery (buildings, trees) and this speeds up my sketching. I can create the middle distance/general ‘context’ for the sketch faster, allowing me to spend more time on the areas of the

Kathy burnett, shorewest realtors apartments for rent

THE 2100 is a new luxury 97-unit apartment community located within a five-minute drive of MCW, with freeway access only a few blocks away. Located on Mayfair Road just two blocks south of the Mayfair Mall, THE 2100 offers a

Kharma is a bitch! mckenzie free

I met a man online. I’ve met many men online in the past…Tall, Thin, Short, Stocky, Funny, Intelligent, Slow, just looking for sex, wanting to get married, Rich, poor, and all shades in between…Like I said ALL kinds. This particular

Helen’s home world it had to happen!

Well, it finally happened, Keltic got his Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title this past weekend. It seemed like after he got out of Starters everything fell apart. We needed to retrain start line stays, contacts, the table and weaves.

Welcoming new faculty, dr. lai-tze fan!

It is hard to not get excited about welcoming new faculty. It’s even harder to restrain one’s enthusiasm when the new faculty are so fantastically interesting. This is definitely the case with Dr. Lai-Tze Fan, who joins us this fall.

Small marketing budget 7 ways to get results matrix marketing group

You already know you need marketing, but the question is how much do you need to spend on marketing? What marketing plan and marketing expense should I allocate to reach my marketing goals? To create a marketing budget look at