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Viking FGC23343 – Page 12 – Family Tree DNA Forums

Very good point. I would just be happy if there were some more specific indicators to suggest William fitz Nigel and William Dorée were brothers. The Doreys in particular seem to have enormous gaps in the continuity of their documentary

UK source for rubber seals – VW Eos Forum Volkswagen Eos Forums

The reason they are so expensive (aside from V.W high markups) is they come with the stainless/chrome carriers. I tried removing the rubber from one but struggled and failed to get it back. I thought it would be like wiper

Sen. Eldridge votes for major legislation combatting opioid crisis – News – The Beacon-Villager – Maynard, MA

The bill, “An Act for prevention and access to appropriate care and treatment of addiction,” is the result of extensive work researching evidence-based best practices and collaborating with healthcare researchers and clinicians, hospitals, behavioral health providers, law enforcement officials, patient

Russia did it – Page 9 – Web User Forums

When Corbyn’s opinion met with media and public disgust, John McDonnel was quick to jump in and agree that Russia did it while spinning BS around Corbyn’s big mouth, but now I see he has gone to ground and his

New Sci Fi Setting Seeds – Page 40 – Steve Jackson Games Forums

I wondered if "…And I Feel Fine." was involved somehow. I love that article by the way. What if the aliens are really only interested in the "fairies", like the cetaceans from David Brin’s GURPS:Uplift. Somebody says, shouldn’t we move

Letter from the DFO – Page 2 – PPRuNe Forums

Given his stated YTD resignation rate of 3.5%, and given that we are only seven months into the year, projecting his stated resignation numbers to year end results is a resignation rate well over 5%…and that’s OK? According to his

Harvey weinstein and hollyweird thread – page 140

I never lionized Rose McGowan or the others as heroes who could do no wrong. The fact that McGowan is close friends with convicted pedophile Victor Salva and was among those who made fun of Corey Feldman’s claims of abuse

Flamenco and riverdance

I’m in the mood for a bit of flamenco. I love visiting small scale flamenco performances (you know, with just a guitar player, 2 singers and 2 dancers, that kind of thing), and I also love it when skaters manage

Does anyone else miss secret identities – Page 11

That’s the problem with comparing Superheroes to cops. Cops deal with ordinary criminals who actually stay locked up….. Superheroes deal with some realy powerful and crazy psychos… It’s easy to point out that Gwen Stacy was still killed… but 1)

Citizenship and residency programs made simple

There are two main approaches for obtaining a second citizenship by investment. The first way is through Fast Citizenship programs which are prevalent in the Middle East as they provide the quickest route to owning a lawful second citizenship. Countries

Castle Rock Colorado Ranch Style One Story Homes and Real Estate For Sale Denver Home Value Realty

This page contains many pre-programmed Castle Rock CO ranch style one story homes quick searches. These special quick searches will allow you to quickly get search results by pre-selected price ranges, by each of the zip codes in Castle Rock

Bob Ashby Poverty has answers but not cures – News – Holland Sentinel – Holland, MI

Poverty has existed since the beginning of civilization and won’t be going away. Certain realities and principles must be faced. Over the past 50 years since the inauguration of President Johnson’s "War on Poverty," improvement has been mediocre in terms

When We Were Friends – The

The quiz reveals long gratifying paragraphs dissecting the many facets of a human personality. We discuss each revelation in detail, nodding when something is especially on point with our perceptions. We have an ambitious green, a stubborn white, a wise

Samsung vs Vizio TV – Which Should you Buy

Samsung is a South Korean technology company that has been around almost forty years. It produces high-end products from TVs to smartphones, wearables to smart refrigerators. The company concentrates on quality and usability and that shows through in their products. Samsung