Christian fantasy author lorilyn roberts trump, the new world order, and the political arena – my thoughts

I enjoy watching "aminutetomidnite" and Tony’s insights into the political arena. I watch a lot of conservative videos on youtube. I don’t always agree with what is said, but I’m always stretched. I rarely comment on the videos that I watch, but on this one, I made a rather lengthy comment and I thought I would share it here with my readers.

I think you (Tony) are looking at Trump in the wrong way. He is a rich man, and he’s been in the circles of the rich and famous for many years. He did not have to become President. He had all the money he needed to live out his life in wealth without doing anything else of significance. The Rothschild’s and the Blackstone Group relationships probably go back decades.

Just because Trump continues to have relationships with wealthy people doesn’t mean he is for or against them or the New World Order.

He’s not stupid (even though people say he is because they don’t like him). In fact, I think he’s quite smart. He has taken great strides toward knowing all of the so-called enemies of the United States. He wants to be friends with every major world leader as long as they respect America and our national interests. What’s wrong with that? That’s a good thing.

Trump, whether God put it into his heart or it’s just in the man’s make-up, truly wants to make America great. Everything he has done has been to achieve that. And whoever or whatever can help him, he will negotiate with or work with, whether it’s a country, a group or entity. I don’t think people understand how he thinks, so I’m challenging you to look at him through a different lens.

For example, he’s against globalization when it comes at America’s expense. That’s dollars and cents. He wants to put tariffs on Chinese products. Again, that’s dollars and cents. A one-world government does not make America stronger. The NWO wants global trade and open borders and a governing body that’s over the United States in terms of treaties and agreements. Here, Trump’s goals are diametrically opposed to theirs.

I think it’s significant that Putin is not a part of the NWO. That makes it easy to make Putin the bad guy, but that doesn’t help America, and Trump wants to make America strong. Trumps sees bargaining with Russia as a good thing if it benefits us. To the contrary, if there is war, that’s good for NWO, the bankers, the globalists, and all those folks, because they make money financing both sides of the war. They really don’t care who wins. They are not beholden to any country.

So I think it’s very complicated and it’s somewhat misleading to say he is or he isn’t fighting the New World Order. I don’t think he thinks that way. He thinks in terms of money, making America great, and restoring here what has been lost. And being an American, I can tell you, the U.S. has been going in the wrong direction for many, many years.

I’m thankful that God is using Trump to accomplish many things that no other leader in America has had the guts to do. I’m thankful that he has restored our relationship with Israel. I’m thankful he’s putting pro-life Supreme Court Justices on the Supreme Court. I’m thankful that he is getting us out of dangerous agreements like the Iran deal, the Paris Accord, and pulling us out of UNESCO, if I’m not mistaken, because of their anti-Israel bias. I’m thankful that he met with Kim Jung Un, as it appears that the North Korean leader is taking steps to denuclearize. Time will tell. I’m thankful that he met with Putin, and all the other world leaders he’s met with. Those are good things.

Thanks, Jim, for your comments. On the plane flight from Orlando to Seattle, I finally met a Trumper. We had a refreshing conversation. He was in the military, defense arena, and had a good understanding of what’s happening and what’s at stake. If only people weren’t so blind, but my grandfather used to say, none are so blind as those who refuse to see.

Tonight I captioned a rally, "DC United Against Hate Counterprotest" — like what in the world does that mean? I had to bleep out the F word and other offensive words that the FCC does not allow on public television. Many of the speakers were filled with anger, one in particular was full of hate talk against Israel, and other left wingers were pushing their LGBTQ and queer agendas, that somehow they don’t have equal rights

In my opinion, they create the division with their titles, using inflammatory language. I asked God to show me the good in captioning this kind of offensive rhetoric, and He did. Another aspect of my next book – how do you reach the unlovable, the intolerable, the haters, the anti-Semitics? By showing them the future, and that’s what plan to do.

Over and over in Revelation, the angels say words to the effect, "Thou are righteous, O Lord," because when you read the judgments, they are so awful, but you can’t have righteousness unless evil is dealt with. It took the death of Jesus on the cross to provide a remedy for sin. And there can be no righteousness without God. These people are the victims of their own hate. Sad, sad, sad. Delete