Christmas in july 5k, 6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour in lisle, il on july 13-14, 2018

• You may optionally pick up race packets on the Wednesday and Thursday the week before the event during regular store business hours at Dick Pond in Lisle (Everything you need for race will be provided – No race day check-in required). PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR TIMING CHIP AND BIB TO THE RACE. If you forget you will not get to run as we cannot issue you another bib/timing chip, NO EXCEPTIONS.

• NOTE: We will accommodate those of you who want to have a friend pick up your race packet for you. Your friend will be required to initial the fact that they are picking up for you. IMPORTANT, if you have an unsigned waiver you will need to personally sign it; We will not hand over your race bib unless the waiver is signed by you personally.

You will get everything else but you will need check-in on race day to get your race bib upon signing the waiver.

• Ultra Aid Station – This aid station is for 6/12/24-HOUR runners ONLY. It will be fully stocked with hot and cold foods along with tasty snacks (sweet and salty). We will have options for those who prefer vegetarian and/or vegan. Meals will be served (late night, breakfast, lunch and dinner for runners that are still on the course). Please review list below. Unfortunately, we cannot feed the crew; however, we have no problem with a crew member getting food for a runner who may be taking a recovery break. We operate on the honor system.

• Transfer Policy – Up through June 30th you will be allowed to transfer from one race to another or to transfer your registration to someone else. Cost: $10 plus the difference in price for the race you originally registered for and the new race you are transferring to. We do not offer refunds if the race you initially registered for is more expensive than the race you are transferring to. If a race has reached capacity, no transfers into that race will be permitted. Runners can log into Race Roster to facilitate the transfer. IMPORTANT: This must be done online and we will not process this for you if you mess up somehow. Also, the person you are transferring to will not get your discounted rate (they will be charged the rate at the time they are registering). This seems to be a common misnomer, please review the FAQ for additional information.

• "No Sweat" Deferral Policy – At anytime up through June 30th you can defer your race entry to the next year only. Cost: 5K $10; 6, 12 and 24 hr $30. We will not accept deferral requests after June 30th. Just contact the race directors by June 30th to defer your entry to next year. Send an email to if you are requesting to defer along with your confirmation you received from this registration website. We will confirm with you and you should be okay.

The 5K loop starts at the NW section of the Lisle High School parking lot on the east side of the school. Runners will run around the median and south out of the parking lot and turn right onto Short Street. You’ll make a left turn on Ohio Court, another left on Ohio Street, then follow that around towards the right until you reach Yackley Avenue where you’ll make a left turn onto the sidewalk and then a quick left onto the running path. You will continue on this path and reach the 5K aid station between two softball fields. You may wish to enjoy a snack followed by some liquid refreshment and then continue around until you find a bridge that cross the Easy Branch DuPage River. (WATCH OUT and don’t miss it) You will make a right-hand turn onto this bridge, but watch out for oncoming "faster" runners, maybe offer a high-five, and be on your way. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll want to turn right and follow the path around the softball and soccer fields and eventually head north. You’ll want to be extra careful crossing the parking following the signs and rounding about the northern side of it and coming back to the bridge where you will want to make a right turn, again, giving high-fives to those "slower" runners. Give some words of encouragement and make another right turn onto the path and continue up towards Short Street. Be sure to follow the signs and not cut the corners as we direct you across Short Street where police will be present directing traffic. Thank the officers, and continue on the "decorated" portion of the course and follow this around to the backside of the Lisle High School until you reach Short Street once again. Sprint it in at this point since you only have a little over 1/10th of a mile left where you’ll finish strong and be awarded with an awesome medal. The course will be well marked with signs directing you.