Chronic headaches headache relief with chakra healing 7 chakras

As I opened my chakras during the years 2005-2006 while analyzing the accidental episode that had instantaneously corrected my farsighted vision curing my lifelong myopia for once and for all, it didn’t tell me anything about what causes headache keeping me still in dark about one of the least understood pathologies by the mainstream medical science, i.e., all the chronic headaches including migraine headaches, sinus headache and tension headache; nor did it tell anything about headache relief that could have been possible by chakra healing through opening chakras in the body.

I wondered what it was that was doing it to the head even before it did it to the eyeballs! I now wanted to solve the mystery of what causes headache along with my basic concern of what spoils vision, ultimately leading me to most basic question of all as to what causes pathos whether in the human body anywhere or in the human mind anyway.

Later I went deeper into the question of what causes headache and developed an insight into all the chronic headache treatment including chronic migraine treatment, sinus headache treatment and tension headache treatment along with their most basic as well as their immediate precipitating causes and also the most effective headache relief with chakra healing through the feedbacks continuously getting provided to me by my eye vision patients and my general clients who were there under my training for opening chakras for health.

The temporalis muscle which is the strongest muscle in the body capable of crushing the hardest eatables you can imagine of is there to close the jaw in order to chew with molar teeth. People often tend to keep it contracted through unconscious jaw clenching, especially almost all through the night while asleep, generating the basic tendency for any precipitating causes to trigger an onset of either a tension headache or various different kinds of migraine headaches during the day. It all comes from the way they habitually keep their jaw line postured with a poor alignment between the upper and the lower jaws. When the third eye chakra and the crown chakra are opened, the jaw line automatically postures itself right, creating an air-gap between the upper and the lower canines and molars on both the sides so that no more jaw clenching is possible; while the frontal teeth are slightly touching each other in a uniform plane between the upper and the lower jaws. This gives an additional advantage of a protective jaw-opening-reflex named Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Reflex in the medical terminology which suppresses the temporalis muscles from contracting too hard without any real need to do so.

The lateral pterygoid muscles which attach at the top of the jaw bones, just in front of the ear canals, and insert at the walls of the sinuses are responsible for what is called teeth grinding or bruxing, clenching jaws at one side as opposed to both the sides done by temporalis. Thus grinding is simply a dynamic form of jaw clenching which alone never produces a headache as long as it is not combined with jaw clenching along. Now in conjunction of the two, when a lateral pterygoid muscle becomes dysfunctional from habitual and unconscious over-exhaustion, it causes pressure and pain in and around the nasal passages and sinuses, causing the sinuses to produce a runny or stuffy nose and generating a sinus headache as one of the major chronic headaches.

Here again headache relief is taken care by chakra healing through opening chakras by ascertaining that the air-gap between the upper and the lower canines and molars on both the sides is maintained so that both, jaw clenching as well as teeth grinding can be stopped as a continuous unconscious process in the denture especially while asleep at night.