City provides update on major construction projects and new businesses in fontana news

The Economic Development Department has been assisting the new property owner in the Auto Center on the corners of Sierra Ave/South Highland Avenue and Citrus Ave/So. Highland Avenue. Meetings have been coordinated with the Planning Department and the developer/owner of Fontana Mazda and Fontana Hyundai. Staff is assisting the owner with a temporary facility at Citrus and Highland for Fontana Mazda. Completion of the temporary facility is anticipated by July. Afterwards, plans will be submitted for the permanent dealership(s) at Sierra and South Highland. Completion of the permanent Fontana Mazda and Hyundai dealerships is anticipated by the end of 2019.

The city assisted Dix Development with the approvals necessary for a charter school (K-8) to occupy the former Westech College building on Sierra Avenue.

Dix Development is proceeding with the construction of Phase III, an urgent care and medical center building, to be located adjacent to the charter school. Construction is slated to start in April.

The city has been working with a developer to facilitate bringing a high-quality commercial center to the north end of Fontana. The development will be located on Sierra Avenue and South Highland Avenue. The shopping center will include Sprouts Farmers Market, retail shopping, several eateries including Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company, and other service-specific businesses. Sprouts Farmers Market and Oggi’s are scheduled to be open in November.

Irish Commercial Brokerage has submitted a proposal to develop the city-owned site on the northwest corner of Citrus Avenue and South Highland Avenue to include a variety of entertainment options. Updated plans are being processed by Studio Movie Grill offering a full-service, in-theater experience, which is scheduled to break ground sometime this year. The location near the 210 Freeway will include 12 theaters and an onsite restaurant featuring a full service bar. The development will also include other family amenities, such as an outdoor movie screen, multiple restaurants and a venue for live entertainment. The theater is scheduled to open by summer of 2019.

Funds spent for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program have allowed for the purchase of 35 foreclosed homes. The initial grant of $5,953,309 has been spent and sale proceeds are currently being utilized to purchase additional properties. To date, 19 homes have been sold, with 12 additional homes provided as low income rental properties; the remaining four homes will be rehabilitated and sold as they are completed. The city will continue to purchase additional foreclosed properties, rehabilitate them and then resale or add them to the rental pool.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program Round 3 received a total of $2,695,735. These funds have been expended to purchase 12 single-family properties. Of the 12 homes purchased, three have been sold and six have been rehabilitated and are being utilized as low income rental properties. The three remaining homes are being rehabilitated with sale proceeds and will be sold as they are completed.

The Housing Authority has an approved an agreement with the Related Companies to develop a 69-unit, Craftsman style, affordable multi-family apartment community. The location of this proposed project is Olive Street north of Holly Drive and includes the Sons of Italy site and land west of and adjacent to the new Westech College, encompassing about 4.5 acres. The project was awarded TCAC funding and construction commenced in April of last year. Completion was expected soon.

The Housing Authority and Jamboree Housing Corp. are negotiating a disposition and development agreement to develop a 60-unit affordable apartment community located on the southwest corner of Sierra and Ramona avenues. This agreement was scheduled to be submitted to the Housing Authority for review. Jamboree Housing will be applying federal and state tax credits in July and anticipates construction to commence in December.

Construction of the existing pump station improvements was completed last December for an expenditure of $598,761. The project provided the needed upgrades and modifications to meet the current sanitary sewer service demands for the Police Department facility. Upgrades included constructing a new well, installing new pumps, pipe works and new electronic control components.

The Public Works Department solicited and received bids for the construction of the Miller Amphitheater Project, which is re-configuring the existing Miller Park Amphitheater site and constructing new permanent stage, restroom, and vendor facilities. The contract award and construction began in the third quarter of the 2016/2017 fiscal year. Construction is scheduled to be completed before the start of summer activities at the park.

The Public Works Department completed tenant improvements to the Jack Bulik Community Center to improve ADA accessibility and to better accommodate recreational programming offered at the site by the Community Services Department. Improvements included: remodeling the existing food serving / warming kitchen; adding an enclosed office space within the existing open office area; providing ADA improvements throughout the building, including restrooms; repainting interior and replacing flooring.

The Police Department continues to refresh and improve the upper level of the building to match other previously remodeled areas of the building. Recently completed was the conversion of four storage areas to offices for the administration sergeant and crime analysts. The Dispatch Communications Center is currently being refurbished in phases. Phase I – Plumbing repairs, new storage area/breakroom and restroom upgrades are complete. Phase II – Carpet, paint, wall treatments, new HVAC units and lighting improvements to the main dispatch area and communications supervisor’s office will be underway soon. The remodel process for the front lobby and ancillary offices off of the front lobby were combined with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) project in conjunction with the Public Works Department. The EOC within the building will be expanded by enclosing the existing atrium area. The communications system is being modernized to make the center more functional and reliable in the event of an emergency incident or major disaster. The EOC project was expected to be completed soon.